SpaceX Hopes to Eventually Build One Starship Per Day at Its Texas 'Starfactory' - Slashdot

SpaceX's successful launch (and reentry) of Starship was just the beginning, reports SpaceX now aims to build on the progress with its Starship program as continues work on Starfactory, a new manufacturing facility under construction at the company's Starbase site in South Texas... "When you step into this factory, it is truly inspirational. My heart jumps out of my chest," Kate Tice, manager of SpaceX Quality Systems Engineering, said [during SpaceX's livestream of the Starship flight test]. "Now this will enable us to increase our production rate significantly as we build toward our long-term goal of producing one Ship per day and coming off the production line soon, Starship Version Two."

This new version of Starship is designed to be more easy to mass produce, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk said on social media. argues that the long-term expansion comes as SpaceX "looks to use Starship to eventually make humanity interplanetary."