Tesla Cybertruck 4x4 to add these Hummer and Rivian features

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Funky features on Tesla's Cybertruck

With a bulletproof body and 500-mile battery-powered range, Tesla's electric pickup isn't like every other truck.

The Cybertruck is becoming a true 4x4.

Elon Musk announced on Twitter that the delayed pickup will be launching with a four-motor drive system when production begins, possibly by late next year.

Tesla recently removed the Cybertruck's proposed technical details from its reservation website, which had initially promised a top of the line $69,900 Tri-Motor version with two motors in the rear and one up front, along with lower-priced dual and single motor trims.

"Initial production will be 4 motor variant, with independent, ultra fast response torque control of each wheel," Musk posted.

The change would bring the Cybertruck in line with the 800hp Rivian R1T, which recently became the first all-electric production pickup to go on sale in the U.S. and has a four-motor layout. Video

The R1T has also been designed with a "tank turn" feature that allows it to spin in place on loose surfaces by driving the wheels on either side in opposite directions.


The capability has not been activated on customer trucks yet, as the software is still being developed to ensure its safe use.

Musk said the Cybertruck will one-up the Rivian with a four-wheel steering system.

"Will have both front and rear wheel steer, so not just like a tank – it can drive diagonally like a crab."


The Cybertruck won't be the first truck that can do this, however. The tri-motor 1,000 hp GMC Hummer EV that begins deliveries this month has four-wheel steer and a CrabWalk mode that provides diagonal driving up to 10 degrees. Video

Musk said he'll have more details about the product pipeline to share on Tesla's earnings call in January.