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AC Business Media Announces Launch of Highly Targeted Lead Generation Platform for the OEM Ecosystem 17 Jan

Extreme E Sustainability Award Goes To Team X44 (Video) 17 Jan

Awesome Games Done Quick sets new record with more than $3.4 million raised for charity 17 Jan

Is there a difference between aging and getting old? 17 Jan

Overclocking non-K Alder Lake CPUs is possible with the right motherboard 17 Jan

2 Teens Arrested In UK In Connection With Hostage Taking At Texas Synagogue 17 Jan

Walmart could enter the metaverse with crypto and NFTs 17 Jan

The Solid-State Energy Storage Dam Is About To Bust Wide Open 17 Jan

Five insights into the secret life of your plants 17 Jan

Mike Lindell Rages At 'Disgusting' Fox News For Not Talking About Election 14 Months Ago 17 Jan

A third of Americans fell victim to cyberattacks last year 11 Jan

Semarchy and BPX Leverage Joint Strengths to Create New Partnership Serving Eastern European Clients 11 Jan

Raspberry Pi can now detect malware without any software 11 Jan

UK health officials misinterpreted US guidance on Covid self-isolation period 11 Jan

Decentralized Clinical Trials Raise Concerns About Informed Consent 11 Jan

KCodes NetUSB kernel remote code execution flaw impacts millions of devices | ZDNet 11 Jan

TalentReef Named One of the Best Places to Work in Colorado for Second Consecutive Year 11 Jan

Mozilla wants to show just how much Meta and Facebook tracks you 11 Jan

IBM ramps up sustainability offering with Envizi acquisition | ZDNet 12 Jan

Massive fossil from 180 million years ago reveals 'sea dragon' with 1-ton skull 12 Jan

Samsung is now distributing its best panels to other TV makers 12 Jan

Open the pod bay doors, please, HAL: Meta's AI simulates lip-reading | ZDNet 11 Jan

Halo Infinite Xbox players are sick of PC crossplay cheaters 11 Jan

Cobra Kai Cast Test Martial Arts Gadgets | WIRED 11 Jan

Halo Infinite's biggest multiplayer problem could get an imminent fix 11 Jan

Intel's computing chief has left the company 11 Jan

Maryland officials confirm ransomware attack shut down Department of Health | ZDNet 13 Jan

Call of Duty: Warzone's invisibility glitch rears its head again 11 Jan

Why modern governments all need a ministry of the oceans 11 Jan

Apple iMessage vs Google RCS is complicated... but what about older phones? 11 Jan

Razer walks back N95 claims for gaming accessory mask, but has the damage been done? 11 Jan

Southampton vs Brentford live stream: how to watch online from anywhere 11 Jan

Humans are still significantly better at predicting the weather than AI 11 Jan

Copper-based chemicals may be contributing to ozone depletion 14 Jan

COVID cover-up: UK media refuses to report that 4 of 5 coronavirus deaths over the past month occurred in the vaccinated 15 Jan

My Father Almost Died for His Country Fighting at Okinawa; Today, His Son Can No Longer Walk the Streets of Washington Without 'Papers' 16 Jan

President Joe Biden's Racist First Year 12 Jan

maiData Launches the maiLink SRM Service Relationship Management Platform 11 Jan

Xbox Series X and S have set an incredible early sales record, despite supply issues 11 Jan

PSVR 2 vs Oculus Quest 2: how do the two virtual reality headsets compare? 11 Jan

Bill Gates shares thoughts on what's after omicron, the pandemic's origins and more 12 Jan

Numerous FIFA 22 accounts have been hit by phishing attacks, EA admits 11 Jan

Machine learning and AI used to rapidly detect sepsis, cutting risk of death dramatically 11 Jan

Climate change factors in the fossil record that accelerate mass extinction 11 Jan

Webbula Re-Approved as a Publicis Media Verified Partner 11 Jan

This serious macOS vulnerability could allow attackers to access all your private data 11 Jan

Russia May Deploy Troops To Venezuela, Cuba If Tensions With US Continue To Rise 15 Jan

Mars dust storm forces NASA's InSight lander to hunker down in safe mode 12 Jan

The Associated Press will sell its photography as NFTs 11 Jan

Infamous Mars meteorite contains organic molecules. But they aren't proof of life. 16 Jan

New Galaxy S21 FE comes with $100 credit plus free Galaxy Buds Live at Samsung 11 Jan

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE is out now, and it comes with perks 11 Jan

New biopsy technology for analyzing multiple tumor tissue biomarkers 11 Jan

A step closer to understanding the 'cold spot' in the cosmic microwave background 12 Jan

Environmental disasters are fueling migration: Why international law must recognize climate refugees 14 Jan

Jonathan Van-Tam stepping down as deputy chief medical officer 14 Jan

Largest dark energy map could reveal the fate of the universe 15 Jan

Dartmouth Adopts Need-Blind International Admissions 15 Jan

Indoctrinating Children Into Critical Race Theory Undermines MLK's Dream 17 Jan

Taiwan grounds F-16 fighters as search continues for downed jet | DefenceTalk 11 Jan

Penetron Specialists Help Repair Damaged Concrete Tanks at Arkhangelsk Pulp and Paper Factory in Russia 11 Jan

Free Speech Is a Threat to Our Democracy or Something 12 Jan

What are the Most Common Types of Motor Vehicle Accidents Reported in Philadelphia? 17 Jan

Google says Apple is holding back smartphone users with its iMessage approach | ZDNet 11 Jan

AMD Ryzen 7 5800X3D CPU could be in short supply when it launches 11 Jan

All games impacted by the Alder Lake/DRM issues have now been fixed 11 Jan

Developers are in short supply. Here are the skills and programming languages employers need | ZDNet 11 Jan

Checking Privilege in the Animal Kingdom 11 Jan

Artificially altered material could accelerate neuromorphic device development 11 Jan

How the Webb telescope could ultimately help protect Earth 11 Jan

Xbox gamers won't have to put up with toxic cross-platform PC and PlayStation players if Phil Spencer gets his way 11 Jan

Nvidia's upgraded GeForce RTX 3080 12GB could be available for preorder today 11 Jan

Dying Light 2 won't actually take 20 days to complete 11 Jan

ClinOne Demonstrates Commitment to Customer Success with 96% On-Time Implementation of Clinical Trial Technology Platform for Study Starts in 2021 11 Jan

Biden Defines His Enemies 15 Jan

Who Funds GB News? 15 Jan

Largest fish nursery discovered beneath Weddell Sea in Antarctica 15 Jan

Earth's interior is cooling faster than expected 15 Jan

Microsoft PowerPoint update will help spice up your boring presentations 11 Jan

Want to improve corporate security? Prioritize personal security | ZDNet 14 Jan

Save on the top five password managers of 2022 | ZDNet 16 Jan

Boeing Announces Fourth-Quarter Deliveries 11 Jan

Nvidia doesn't need us anymore: How is the GeForce RTX 3080 12GB launching to zero reviews 11 Jan

Nigeria vs Egypt live stream: how to watch AFCON games free online and from anywhere, Mo Salah starts 11 Jan

iPhone 14 price leak suggests the Pro and Pro Max may get even more expensive 11 Jan

EMA Webinar to Explore How AIOPs Can Help IT Organizations Transform Network Operations 11 Jan

Computer model seeks to explain the spread of misinformation and suggest countermeasures 11 Jan

How to watch Superman and Lois season 2 online from anywhere 12 Jan

How "We" Obscure the Truth About Policy 13 Jan

UltraRAM breakthrough could finally fuse RAM and storage into a single package 12 Jan

T-Mobile is blocking some iPhone users from enabling iCloud Private Relay 11 Jan

Days Gone 2 would have fixed the first game's water problem 11 Jan

Fortnite now lets you ride tornadoes 11 Jan

Apple's 2021 iPad is in stock and on sale for just $299 in epic deal at Amazon 11 Jan

Design leadership for the future of work: report 11 Jan

13 Executives, 56 Companies and 81 Products Win 2022 BIG Innovation Award 11 Jan

Winds of change bring winter rain to eastern Arabia 11 Jan

Raspberry Pi system can detect viruses on other devices without use of software 11 Jan

Unprecedented multiscale model of protein behavior linked to cancer-causing mutations 11 Jan

Astronomers find most luminous supernova explosion to shine in X-rays 11 Jan

New rainfrog species discovered in Panama, named in honor of environmental activist Greta Thunberg 11 Jan

Europol ordered to delete huge stash of personal data 11 Jan

Appcast Launches Gender Bias Decoder, A Free Tool to Support the Removal of Unconscious Gender Bias in Job Ads and Improve Recruitment Efforts 11 Jan

Modular super-enhancer controls retinal development 11 Jan

Gmail on mobile just hit a massive milestone 11 Jan

OnePlus 10 Pro release date, price, specs, features and news 11 Jan

Scammers are placing QR codes on parking meters to steal payment details 12 Jan

Fall 2021 Alpha Chi Honor Society Inductees 15 Jan

Pentagon launches new UFO office. Not all believers are happy about it. 15 Jan

Get Your Money Out Of The Banks! They Are Stopping The Un Jabbed from Entering Banks, Firing Them 15 Jan

Curvature of space-time measured using 'atomic fountain' 15 Jan

New images of the International Space Station reveal that it is still a jewel 12 Jan

Stafford Introduces Shaft Collars & Mounts that can be Modified to Eliminate the Need For Custom Ordering 11 Jan

Associated Press announces new marketplace for NFT photography | ZDNet 11 Jan

New knowledge about dopamine could help Parkinson's patients 12 Jan

Cruz slams 'arrogance' of FBI to stonewall his Jan. 6 questions: 'Did they actively solicit illegal conduct?' 12 Jan

Omicron may be headed for a rapid drop in Britain, US 12 Jan

Astronomers have 12 new tools to study dark matter mysteries 12 Jan

iDIRECT network framework could help scientists better understand biological systems 11 Jan

Tasmanian devils have just broken the laws of scavenging 11 Jan

Has AI found a treatment for Fragile X | ZDNet 11 Jan

Singlewire Software Launches Mobile Panic Button for InformaCast App 11 Jan

Three Vendors Claim BLI Winter 2022 A3 Pick Awards from Keypoint Intelligence 11 Jan

Link Labs Wins 2022 BIG Innovation Award Presented by Business Intelligence Group 11 Jan

Google Chrome update helps websites dodge imminent Y2K-style disaster 11 Jan

Report: Increased Log4J exploit attempts leads to all-time peak in weekly cyberattacks per org | ZDNet 11 Jan

Cyberattacks on businesses saw a huge rise in 2021 11 Jan

Modern humans lived in eastern Africa 38,000 years earlier than thought 15 Jan

Apple's mixed reality headset reportedly facing design challenges, could be delayed until 2023 14 Jan

Ancient Andean leaders may have mixed hallucinogen with their beer | New Scientist 11 Jan

Tesla has reportedly delayed Cybertruck production to next year 14 Jan

Acquiring Natural Immunity Intentionally Carries a 5-Year Sentence in Switzerland 16 Jan

The Surface Go 3 just got quietly refreshed with LTE connectivity 12 Jan

There's something weird going on with LG's virtual influencer 12 Jan

Elon Musk shares dramatic video of wild Starship tower designed to catch SpaceX rockets 12 Jan

Why is the world map you know wrong? 15 Jan

Creating a career path - Mentor program empowers under-resourced high school girls in the Huntsville area 15 Jan

Top tech conferences: The ultimate tech events and show guide for 2022 11 Jan

Laser Research Optics Introduces CO2 Lenses & Mirrors that are Designed for Stone Cutting Lasers 11 Jan

BeSmartee Enters the Commercial Market through An Acquisition of Financial Spreading Software Company FlashSpread 11 Jan

Mimicking nature to obtain more efficient, cleaner, and cheaper chemical compounds 11 Jan

Firms need better breach response, clear regulatory guidelines | ZDNet 11 Jan

Panasonic giving employees the option of a four-day work week | ZDNet 11 Jan

The Milky Way's central black hole is a powerful, fickle enigma of a void 12 Jan

Russia sees no point in further West talks soon: lead negotiator | DefenceTalk 14 Jan

PPPL continues to expand research portfolio by hiring head of Strategic Partnerships 15 Jan

New York Power Authority to beef up cybersecurity with new IronNet, AWS deal | ZDNet 14 Jan

Research shows that human immune system uses ancient family of cell death proteins also found in bacteria 14 Jan

SnatchCrypto campaign plants backdoors in crypto startups, DeFi, blockchain networks | ZDNet 14 Jan

Firefox 96 update focuses on noise improvements, main thread efficiency | ZDNet 12 Jan

Best home generator 2022: Keep your lights on | ZDNet 12 Jan

RTX 4000 series inbound? Nvidia says graphics card supply will improve in the second half of 2022 14 Jan

Team of astronomers finds widest separation of brown dwarf pair to date 14 Jan

Evidence of Self Assembling Nano Circuitry in the Pfizer Vaccine 15 Jan

My Covid Dictionary 15 Jan

Common household cleaner can boost effort to harvest fusion energy on Earth 15 Jan

Democrats Claim Liz Cheney As One Of Their Own; They Can Have Her 17 Jan

The Tinder Swindler trailer will make you think twice about using dating apps 12 Jan

Maya and National Psychedelics Association Announce Partnership to Support Psilocybin-Assisted Services in Oregon 12 Jan

Best laptops for engineering students in 2022 12 Jan

Covid testing: The best at-home rapid test kits | ZDNet 15 Jan

Biometric data at US airports calls for tighter controls, senators from both parties say 15 Jan

Nicole Key appointed to NASA Advisory Council 15 Jan

The best cheap Bluetooth speakers in 2022 | ZDNet 16 Jan

D. Peterson Pierre: Hospitals Payment Scheme Exposed (English, German subs, French subs, Spanish subs, Arab subs) 17 Jan

Everything Is Worse Under Biden 17 Jan

2022 Is Off to a Bad Start, Courtesy of the Court of Criminal Appeals 17 Jan

Yes, the Hummer EV could pop wheelies, but GMC had to cut the fun short 11 Jan

This Microsoft Edge update solves a major headache, but not for everyone 11 Jan

Over half a million transportation industry credit reports were left unsecured online 11 Jan

Nonlinear effects of wind on Atlantic ocean circulation 11 Jan

Windows 11 22H1 Update 'Sun Valley 2' release date rumors, news, and features 11 Jan

There are now 200 5G networks in 87 countries across the world 11 Jan

MAPK4 emerges as a novel therapeutic target for triple-negative breast cancer 11 Jan

Geologist John H. Shaw named vice provost for research 12 Jan

MyOutDesk Launches New Partner Program for Content Creators 14 Jan

The race towards renewable energy is creating new cybersecurity risks | ZDNet 14 Jan

Disney Plus app: how to download Disney Plus for Android and iPhone 13 Jan

Australia vs England live stream: how to watch Ashes 5th Test from anywhere 14 Jan

R&D 100 winner of the day: Free-space quantum network link architecture - Research & Development World 15 Jan

DNA Shows Ancient Pack Animal Was a Donkey-Wild Ass Hybrid 15 Jan

Australia To Get The Cupra Born 15 Jan

Thousands Protest Lockdown in Germany As Rally Attendance Exceeds Expectations 15 Jan

U.S. Army to Begin Formal Training To Fight American Patriots 15 Jan

New Study Shows Hemp Compound May Prevent Covid-19 From Entering Human Cells 16 Jan

Metaverse making you sick? Chew some gum 13 Jan

PC component shortages may finally be easing, says TrendForce 12 Jan

Landing AI hires vision expert Dechow to correct the Big Data fallacy | ZDNet 12 Jan

Surgeons transplant pig heart into human for first time 13 Jan

Preparing for Post-Roe America 15 Jan

Scientists in disbelief over discovery of world's largest fish-breeding area 15 Jan

US to Establish New Special Forces Base in Albania 15 Jan

The Plan To Destroy The Middle Class 15 Jan

Grandstanding Fears As Norwegian Mass Killer Seeks Parole 17 Jan

US greenhouse gas emissions increased by six percent in 2021 11 Jan

Get two 4K wide-angle dual camera drones for the price of one | ZDNet 11 Jan

Sugar-coated COVID-19 test strip takes advantage of coronavirus' sweet tooth 11 Jan

Microsoft security researchers found a macOS exploit that can alter TCC permissions 12 Jan

Infosec Institute Named a Top 25 Cybersecurity Company by The Software Report 12 Jan

The State of Remote Engineering: Seven out of Ten Engineers Still Want to Work Remotely the Majority of the Time 12 Jan

Study identifies trace metals in propellant, reports method to mitigate decomposition 12 Jan

The 'Good Idea' Test Does Not Exist in the Constitution 14 Jan

Fall 2020 Graduation Announcement 15 Jan

With globalist puppets in control of every Western nation, brace yourself for their next diabolical move: The weaponization of food 15 Jan

What are Arctic mirages? 15 Jan

Stelco Will Recycle EV Batteries At Its Ontario Factory 16 Jan

ATEEZ Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED 17 Jan

Apple Watch 7 vs Samsung Galaxy Watch 4: which is the best smartwatch? 11 Jan

Play PS5 games one-handed with custom controller adapter 11 Jan

Elden Ring replaces Dying Light 2 as the most-wishlisted game on Steam 11 Jan

Think Power Solutions Continues Growth Trajectory, Onboards Significant Clients and Garners Industry Awards 11 Jan

ObserveID joins Identity Defined Security Alliance (IDSA) to help bring Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM) to the forefront of Cybersecurity 11 Jan

North Korea fires second missile in less than a week | DefenceTalk 11 Jan

Money for Indoctrination 12 Jan

Best tablets 2022: Apple's iPad isn't your only worthy option | ZDNet 12 Jan

Reduced hospitalization risk, shorter stays for Omicron patients: US study 12 Jan

The first AI breast cancer sleuth that shows its work 14 Jan

New study provides first evidence of non-random mutations in DNA 15 Jan

Macs were more popular than ever in 2021, but will it last? 12 Jan

Newly discovered type of 'strange metal' could lead to deep insights 13 Jan

Politicizing COVID-19 from the Start 13 Jan

Study finds diversity of skin color and skin tone lacking in sex education textbooks 14 Jan

We spent nearly 5 hours a day on our mobile devices in 2021 | ZDNet 14 Jan

In the lab: T cells artificially endowed with 2 cancer-seeking receptors aim to be an elite army of cancer killers 15 Jan

12 cancer research breakthroughs of 2021 15 Jan

20 Facts about Vaccination Your Doctor Forgot To Tell You 15 Jan

Trump Ally Dan Bongino Suspended From YouTube Over COVID-19 Misinformation 16 Jan

Trump Exerted 'Unprecedented' Census Influence In Bid For Political Gain: Memo 16 Jan

Reconstruction-Era Law Could Keep Trump Off The Ballot In 6 Southern States 16 Jan

Deal alert: $76 is all you need for these $150 Jabra wireless earbuds | ZDNet 17 Jan

DDoS attacks soared to new highs in 2021 12 Jan

Using ion soft landing to solve hard energy problems 12 Jan

Marines, Japanese Ground Forces Link Up at Iron Fist for ACV, Amphibious Training - USNI News 12 Jan

What a Radicalized Chiropractor Got Away With on Facebook 12 Jan

Your guide to filing taxes in 2022 | ZDNet 12 Jan

Study examines diversity in research publishing 14 Jan

A Turkish harem on the Acropolis? It's most likely a Greek myth 14 Jan

What to See in the Night Sky for November 2021 15 Jan

Tripp Lite by Eaton's New Space-Saving Mounting Solutions for Digital Signage Keep the Focus on the Message 15 Jan

6G The New (D)evolution 15 Jan

No More Federalist Society Judges 15 Jan

Prince Harry Files Court Claim Over UK Police Protection 17 Jan

This Nintendo Switch OLED was given a 1,800-hour burn-in test 11 Jan

Mystery of glowing shrimp deepens 12 Jan

Humans reached remote North Atlantic islands centuries earlier than thought 12 Jan

This eccentric exoplanet's wild weather ranges from boiling hot to deep chill 12 Jan

Paper: Women bear 'status-leveling burden' in male-dominated occupations 12 Jan

Microsoft Teams is finally fixing this super annoying flaw 12 Jan

Rainy days harm the economy: study 12 Jan

North Pole solar eclipse excited auroras on the other side of the world 12 Jan

The Best Path Forward for Omicron: Let It Rip 14 Jan

Why Do Illuminati Reveal Their Agenda? 15 Jan

Effective handoff communication 16 Jan

A new framework that could simplify imitation learning in robotics 15 Jan

Tennis Legend Chris Evert Announces Cancer Diagnosis 15 Jan

You Can SMELL the Fear! Permanent New CONCRETE WALL being installed around White House 15 Jan

Earth is at the center of a 1,000-light-year-wide 'Swiss cheese' bubble carved out by supernovas 15 Jan

School Counseling Prof Earns State Advocacy Award 15 Jan

Eric Swalwell Rips Steve Bannon's New Call To 'Decertify' Biden As Democracy's 'Endgame' 16 Jan

A New Year's Resolution for Maryland: Eliminate Human Trafficking 16 Jan

How to track the giant asteroid about to pass by Earth 16 Jan

Climate scientist and Netflix 'Don't Look Up' director talk comet metaphors and global warming (exclusive) 16 Jan

Florida Gay Rights Activist Found Dead In Landfill, Prompting Homicide Probe 17 Jan

Winter is coming: Researchers uncover a surprising cause of the Little Ice Age 12 Jan

New GoDaddy tools let microbuisnesses get even more creative online 12 Jan

The Book of Boba Fett episode 3 recap: a mini Star Wars gangster movie 12 Jan

Jack Dorsey wants to create a legal defense fund for Bitcoin developers 12 Jan

The future of the filibuster and voting rights in Congress 12 Jan

Bones of whale extinct for 300 years that were once stored in North Carolina couple's garage are headed for Smithsonian 12 Jan

Exploring oxygen ions in Jupiter's innermost radiation belts 12 Jan

International collaboration offers new evidence of a gravitational wave background 13 Jan

Forget Easier, We Need To Make It Harder To Vote 13 Jan

Genetically engineered E. coli could improve drug development 15 Jan

Q&A on Distributed Maritime Operations - Dispersing and linking forces across all domains 15 Jan

Angelo State Earns AACSB International Accreditation 15 Jan

Mathematics Student Wins State Manufacturing Video Contest 15 Jan

New study sheds light on origins of life on Earth 15 Jan

Christina Ricci: People 'Like To Assume I'm Stupid Before I Open My Mouth' 16 Jan

A Horrible Week For Biden, A Great Week For America 16 Jan

Kate McKinnon Mugs In Medley With 'West Side Story' Star Ariana DeBose On 'SNL' 16 Jan

Is The Tesla Model Y Even Safer Than The Tesla Model 3? 17 Jan

Battery Resourcers Recycling Facility Will Open In August 17 Jan

Voyager's 'Cosmic Map' of Earth's location is hopelessly wrong (Synopsis) 17 Jan

The friends with benefits of the financial world 17 Jan

Keypoint Intelligence Recognizes Five Vendors with BLI Winter 2022 A4 Pick Awards 11 Jan

UltraRAM could soon eliminate the need for separate RAM and storage 11 Jan

Catalent Increases Specialized Packaging Capabilities at its Philadelphia Facility to Support Growing Biologic and Cell and Gene Therapy Markets 11 Jan

Boeing Expands Partnerships with German Industry on F/A-18 Super Hornet and EA-18G Growler 12 Jan

Macquarie Telecom signs on to NSW government cloud panel | ZDNet 12 Jan

Process improves strength, color of feather-based fibers 12 Jan

Taiwan passes extra $8.6 bln defence budget as China threat grows | DefenceTalk 12 Jan

Stunning spider, feather and plant fossils reveal life in an ancient Australian rainforest 12 Jan

Arcane season 2: cast, potential plot and what we know so far 12 Jan

SDI Appoints former IBM Research Partner Executive, Neil Clover, as Chief Technology Officer 12 Jan

One gene closer to a super sorghum 12 Jan

The Question of Swimwear for the Trans 13 Jan

Scientists might've finally found a moon beyond our solar system 14 Jan

Attempt to feed manatees fails so far, but effort to hold off starvation will continue 14 Jan

Fully Vaccinated Are Super Spreaders Of COVID Virus Shows Ontario Data 15 Jan

VERY SHOCKING: Russian Roulette Via Vaccine Batch Number Explained By Dr. Tom Cowan 15 Jan

Tesla Accident Data Reveals Fewer Crashes In Q4 2021 Than Q4 2020 16 Jan

Earliest human remains in eastern Africa dated to more than 230,000 years ago 12 Jan

Suddenly Jake Tapper Has an Issue with How Covid Rates Are Measured 12 Jan

Crytek apologizes for going after modder's Crysis photo mode, still gives him ultimatum 14 Jan

A catalyst for more efficient green hydrogen production 15 Jan

Garbage and recyclables pile up as omicron takes its toll 15 Jan

Bringing Britain's Woes to America? 15 Jan

6 of the biggest good news cancer stories of 2021 15 Jan

Ex-Obama White House Adviser Pleads Guilty In $218,000 School Scam 15 Jan

After Kazakhstan, the Color Revolution Era Is Over 15 Jan

Two Sunday Remembrances Call Out in Defense of the Full Spectrum of Human Dignity 16 Jan

How We Will Win 17 Jan

God Is Angry! You wont get another Chance. 17 Jan

CIA-trained Ukrainian paramilitaries may take central role if Russia invades 17 Jan

From 2D to 3D: How to inflate shapes via machine learning 11 Jan

Check your SPF records: Wide IP ranges undo email security and make for tasty phishes | ZDNet 12 Jan

Switcher, Inc. and Spockee Partner to Enhance Live Video Shopping Experience 12 Jan

Specific Diagnostics Announces the Creation of a European Warehouse and Servicing Center 12 Jan

Israel says free to act with or without Iran deal | DefenceTalk 12 Jan

Voter ID Requirements Make Sense 12 Jan

Jack Dorsey helps found non-profit legal defense fund to protect Bitcoin developers | ZDNet 12 Jan

Master Linux and launch your IT career with this $30 training bundle | ZDNet 12 Jan

What is nanoengineering? - Research & Development World 12 Jan

Binge drinking linked to first episodes of heart rhythm disorder 12 Jan

Racial, ethnic minorities and low-income groups in US exposed to higher levels of air pollution 12 Jan

GSSI ground penetrating radar equipment used in Mount Everest expedition - Research & Development World 12 Jan

Measuring medicine use in livestock supports the fight against antimicrobial resistance 12 Jan

The Great Epstein Cover-Up, Part 2 12 Jan

Rare HBO Max deal slashes the price down to just $7.99 a month 12 Jan

Microplastic pollution linger in rivers for years before entering oceans 12 Jan

First tarantula to live in bamboo stalks found in Thailand 13 Jan

Pull the Thread ... 13 Jan

Doctors transplant genetically modified pig's heart into human in medical first 13 Jan

Democrat Rep. Ro Khanna says Twitter should not have suppressed the Hunter Biden laptop story 14 Jan

Origin of rare disease FOP rooted in muscle regeneration dysfunction 14 Jan

Biden: Bull Connor's GOP Imperils Democracy 14 Jan

The year 2021 was the third-warmest year in the northeastern U.S. since 1895 14 Jan

Astronomers confront massive black hole at the heart of the Milky Way, Sagittarius A* 14 Jan

Icefish breeding colony of 60 million active nests found in Weddell Sea, Antarctica 14 Jan

The FCC wants to make some big changes to data breach reporting 13 Jan

Arista Realty Partners With Side To Reach the Next Level of Real Estate Excellence 14 Jan

Giant exoplanet discovered close to Earth - Research & Development World 15 Jan

Consummate Technologies is pleased to announce Mark Vercruysse, Former Corporate Officer of DTCC and Founder of Newmark Focus Solutions into their Advisory Board 15 Jan

Where Ideas Go to Grow 15 Jan

1929 Wall Street Crash Was Another Illuminati Assault on Society 15 Jan

China builds 'artificial moon' for gravity experiment 15 Jan

Rivers speeding up Arctic ice melt at alarming rate, experts say 15 Jan

Climate crisis increasing risk of premature birth and childhood illness 16 Jan

University Of Mich. President Removed Over Alleged 'Inappropriate Relationship' With Employee 16 Jan

Flights sent to assess Tonga damage after volcanic eruption 17 Jan

TechCrunch+ roundup: Allocating equity, unicorn traffic jam, blockchain gaming survey 17 Jan

Yes Martin, Black Lives Do Matter 17 Jan

The University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School honors the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 17 Jan

Gemini South telescope captures image of Chamaeleon Infrared Nebula 11 Jan

Scientists built a car that fish can drive 11 Jan

Nvidia scoops up Bright Computing in HPC push 11 Jan

South Africa vs India live stream: how to watch 3rd Test cricket online from anywhere 11 Jan

Magaya Announces Record Growth in 2021, Expansion of Digital Freight Platform 12 Jan

Genetic discovery to improve breeding for disease resistance in wheat 12 Jan

Where to buy a Dyson Airwrap: all the retailers to check for the iconic hair styler 12 Jan

Here's who can expect better collaboration tools in 2022, according to 8x8 | ZDNet 13 Jan

How the COVID-19 pandemic impacted global trust in government 14 Jan

Are daddy longlegs really the most venomous spiders in the world? 16 Jan

A hospitable metaverse requires the basic building blocks of virtual life 17 Jan

Superabsorption unlocks key to next-generation quantum batteries 17 Jan

Ask Ethan: Why don't we build a telescope without mirrors or lenses? 17 Jan

A framework to optimize the efficiency and comfort of robot-assisted feeding systems 17 Jan

Dan Arvizu on embracing the soft skills as a leader - Research & Development World 12 Jan

Biochip reduces the cost of manufacturing in vitro skin 12 Jan

Scientists 3D-map the massive cosmic bubble surrounding Earth 12 Jan

Teen hacker gains remote control of over 20 Teslas 13 Jan

Best cities for tech jobs | ZDNet 14 Jan

Crime and Punishment in America : Greater Washington Educational Telecommunications Association, Inc. | The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation 14 Jan

Climate adaptation increases vulnerability of cocoa farmers, study shows 14 Jan

Ukrainian police arrest five members of ransomware affiliate | ZDNet 14 Jan

Astronomers catch 'intruder' red-handed in rarely detected stellar flyby event 14 Jan

Selling $22,000 of Sea-Aged Tennessee Whiskey | Moonshiners 14 Jan

Chinese researchers claim electroculture works as theorized 14 Jan

NASA Mars rover set to dump out a rock sample, something the team 'never imagined' 15 Jan

DirecTV Dumping OAN In Major Blow To Right-Wing News Operation 15 Jan

View the 2018 Spring Schedule of Classes & Syllabi 15 Jan

Today's D Brief: Cyber-defacing in Ukraine; 9 truths about NATO, Ukraine; Suspicion in the Baltic; North Korea's new launch; And a bit more. 15 Jan

Expect More Worrisome COVID Variants After Omicron, Scientists Say 15 Jan

Tesla & Chinese EV Makers Putting Lot of Weight on These Low-Cost EV Batteries 15 Jan

Pete Davidson's Tatted Up 'Joe Biden' From 'Real Universe' Sets President Straight On 'SNL' 16 Jan

AMD's upcoming 3D V-Cache shown to improve bandwidth with minimal latency increase 16 Jan

M1 MacBook Air review: After a year of use, here's what I wish I'd known | ZDNet 16 Jan

Protesters hit French streets to fight new vaccine pass 17 Jan

Is the infiltration of "integrative medicine" into medicine as relentless as we thought? Maybe not... 17 Jan

First Artificial Enzyme From Two Non-Biological Groups Created 17 Jan

Singapore-based Sesto Robotics targets international expansion with $5.7M raise 17 Jan

Propulsion Controls Engineering LLC (PCE) Honored as LCS Team Freedom Supplier of the Year 12 Jan

OnePlus 10 Pro debuts with the latest Qualcomm chipset, second-gen LTPO display, and 80W wired charging 12 Jan

Log4j: How hackers are using the flaw to deliver this new 'modular' backdoor | ZDNet 12 Jan

Bravo Systems Announces the Launch of E4473 Digital Storage 12 Jan

American Crane's Karen Norheim Joins 2022 Board of Governors for MHI 12 Jan

For sustainable sulfur-tolerant catalysts, alloy precious metals with phosphorus 12 Jan

Pesky pebbles are clogging NASA Perseverance Mars rover's rock sample system 12 Jan

Episode 53: DARPA Program Managers do an Audio Selfie 12 Jan

The PS5 can't run God of War at 8K... but the Nvidia RTX 3090 can 12 Jan

Twice as many people infectious on day five of self-isolation compared to day seven 12 Jan

Best Apple iPad deals available right now: January 2022 | ZDNet 12 Jan

Dolphin females have working clitoris, anatomical evidence suggests 12 Jan

U.S. may have been responsible for almost half of recent past illegal tiger trade 12 Jan

Study finds neighborhood environment is a key to injury recovery for Black men 12 Jan

New treatment target identified for radiation-resistant cervical cancer 12 Jan

Three Princeton faculty members awarded NEH grants to support advanced research in the humanities 12 Jan

Time to update: Apple releases iOS 15.2.1 for iPhone with HomeKit security fix | ZDNet 12 Jan

Mars megaripples show red planet actively reshaping its landscape 12 Jan

Bioinspired veins provide structure, transport fluids in foamed polymers 13 Jan

The 'Platypus' of the crab world was an active predator that lurked the Cretaceous seas 13 Jan

UN forecasts lower global economic growth for 2022 and 2023 14 Jan

As Gun Sales Soared, the Number of Violent Crimes Committed with Guns Plummeted 14 Jan

Informed.IQ Announces Key Executive Hire Focused on Increasing Automation in Auto Lending 14 Jan

Startup successfully deploys compact and fuel-efficient satellite engine into space 14 Jan

The Real Reasons for Americans' Low Life Expectancy 15 Jan

Politics still make people sick 15 Jan

5 Things to Know About a Pair of Small But Mighty Weather Instruments 15 Jan

POLICE STATE: Australians Mass Protest After Churches Raided, Moms Arrested, Citizen Snitches 15 Jan

The Army Brief: Year-long CR?; Russian demand no-go; Large Army bonus; and more... 15 Jan

Shredded 'stellar streams' could lead to the Milky Way's missing dark matter 15 Jan

Veteran PPPL engineer Tim Stevenson receives Distinguished Engineering Fellow award for his contributions to two flagship fusion experiments 15 Jan

Angelo State Adds New Doctoral Degree in Counseling Psychology 15 Jan

Train at your own pace to become a well-paid certified Cisco technician for just $40 | ZDNet 16 Jan

Trump Is Reportedly Very Nervous About 1 Potential 2024 Republican Rival 17 Jan

Double Comments of the Week #178: From Point Particles To The Very First Galaxies Of All 17 Jan

Netflix raised its prices again 17 Jan

Konami's Castlevania NFTs sold for over $162,000 17 Jan

Huge Tonga volcanic eruption caused 'significant damage' 17 Jan

MLK III Tells Arizona Crowd History Will Remember Sinema Unkindly Over Filibuster 17 Jan

GOP Pushes Back on Democratic 'Big Lie' 12 Jan

Examining electron transport shuttles in microorganisms 12 Jan

Best extreme weather tech 2022: Power outage gear | ZDNet 12 Jan

R&D 100 winner of the day: Spectrally Efficient Digital Logic - Research & Development World 12 Jan

NordVPN wants to help you test the speed of your VPN connection 12 Jan

T-Mobile denies blocking iCloud Private Relay, but admits some users won't have access 12 Jan

GCP announces new Faculty Director leadership 12 Jan

A simple trick lets you turn Telegram into a free unlimited cloud storage service 13 Jan

Widespread megaripple activity found on Martian north pole area 13 Jan

Big Tech Thugs and Their Allies 13 Jan

Australian blockchain political party Flux faces AEC chopping block | ZDNet 14 Jan

Landmine Sniffing Rat Dies At The Age Of 8 14 Jan

North Korea Launches More Advanced Second Missile Test In A Week 14 Jan

Biden's Big Elections Lie 14 Jan

Transformative Bills to Watch in Va. General Assembly This Session 14 Jan

Compost is a major source of pathogenic aspergillus spores 14 Jan

Hackers are exploiting Adobe Creative Cloud to harvest user credentials 14 Jan

Best Amazon Echo 2022: Which Alexa device is right for you? | ZDNet 14 Jan

Two new species of freshwater goby fish discovered in the Philippines 14 Jan

Yahoo rejects GOP Senate candidate's 'Let's Go Brandon' ad, calls it 'overly inflammatory and offensive' 14 Jan

Determining asteroid 16 Psyche's material composition 13 Jan

iOS 15 adoption lags behind iOS 14 - but don't cry for Apple 13 Jan

Link Labs Dives Into 2022 IoT Trends in 1/18/22 Webinar 14 Jan

Amazon fixes security flaw in AWS Glue service | ZDNet 14 Jan

Army computer science jobs: How to get started | ZDNet 15 Jan

Before horses, ass hybrids were bred for warfare 15 Jan

Archaeologists discover ancient highways in Arabia 15 Jan

Ukraine says more than 70 government websites were defaced, 10 were subjected to 'unauthorized interference' | ZDNet 15 Jan

Judeo Masonic Conspiracy: Why the Plandemic Will Never End 15 Jan

The virus behind 'mono' might trigger multiple sclerosis in some 15 Jan

Weird sand 'chess pieces' dot Lake Michigan shore. Here's how they formed. 15 Jan

A busy year ahead in low-code and no-code development | ZDNet 16 Jan

Cop Seen On Video Grabbing Fellow Officer By Her Throat 16 Jan

How did birds like penguins evolve into some of the world's best swimmers? 16 Jan

NFT volume, DAOs and the curious case of LooksRare 17 Jan

Is this the year that we get our dream back-channeling platform? 17 Jan

Alvin Bragg Not Likely to be Soft-on-Crime in Trump Investigation 17 Jan

6 Questions Our Branch Covidian Overlords Refuse To Answer 17 Jan

The final PCIe 6.0 specifications have arrived with 256 GB/s of bandwidth 12 Jan

Qualfon Opens New State of the Art Outsourcing Facility 12 Jan

Improved Pharma Expands Service Offerings with Addition of TA Instruments TGA 55 for Determination of Volatile Content 12 Jan

IFF Announces New Investments in Next-Generation Starter Culture Development 12 Jan

Keychron unveils Q2, a fully customizable mechanical keyboard with a compact layout that brings typing to a whole new level 12 Jan

'You have to suffer for your PhD': Poor mental health among doctoral researchers 12 Jan

Education Secretary Cardona solicited NSBA letter comparing protesting parents to domestic terrorists: email 12 Jan

Reese Witherspoon jabbed on Twitter over 'parallel digital identity' tweet 12 Jan

Dusting off Dr. King's Great Message 12 Jan

Scientists spot exoplanet shaped like a rugby ball because it's so cuddly with its star 12 Jan

The Search for ET Has an X-Factor: the Evolution of Stars 12 Jan

Kirby and the Forgotten Land's release date and new trailer has us tickled pink 12 Jan

Stalker 2 release date pushed to the end of 2022 12 Jan

Wordle and IP law: What happens when a hot game gets cloned 12 Jan

An ecological tradeoff? Utility-scale solar energy impedes endangered Florida panthers 12 Jan

Building a silicon quantum computer chip atom by atom 12 Jan

Researchers identify key signaling pathway involved in lymphoma tumor formation 12 Jan

Could gene networks resembling air traffic explain arteriosclerosis? 12 Jan

Fortinet: Cybercriminals are exploiting Omicron news to distribute RedLine malware | ZDNet 12 Jan

Fastest DNA sequencing technique helps undiagnosed patients find answers in mere hours 12 Jan

Why are San Jose's trees disappearing? City loses hundreds of acres each year 12 Jan

Deal: Get a $100 Amazon gift card when you buy the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE | ZDNet 12 Jan

New research finds that collective neural activity is shaped like the surface of a doughnut 12 Jan

Researchers identify link that plays a role in regulating neuropsychiatric brain disorders 12 Jan

Study 'cracks' mystery of water-promoted fracture growth on glass 12 Jan

New study shows the toll industrial farming takes on bird diversity 12 Jan

Cyberattack shuts down Albuquerque schools; county copes with ransomware incident | ZDNet 14 Jan

No Fact-Checking for Biden's Atlanta Smears 14 Jan

COVID vaccines during pregnancy? What to know about fertility, boosters and more 14 Jan

Astronomers find evidence for a second supermoon beyond our solar system 14 Jan

The best smart lock 2022: Business and home use | ZDNet 14 Jan

Researchers propose new explanation for Moon's half-century magnetic mystery 14 Jan

When You Do Not Like the Questions Asked in a Judiciary Hearing, Just Focus on the Questioner 13 Jan

North Korean hackers stole a record-breaking amount of cryptocurrency last year | ZDNet 14 Jan

The ultimate microwave mod: mechanical keyboard switches 15 Jan

Rodgers, Burrow, Mahomes lead new QB statistic from AWS and NFL | ZDNet 15 Jan

CNBC Claims Cuban Vaccine Could Save Mankind from Covid 15 Jan

Last nine years all among 10 hottest-ever, says US 15 Jan

Dr. King, the Black Church, and Israel 15 Jan

5G is Coming and So are Special Forces, and they are coming for US! 15 Jan

Chemistry Student Group Earns National Honor 15 Jan

2021 Fall Commencement Ceremonies 15 Jan

Who is Aafia Siddiqui, Texas inmate known as 'Lady Al Qaeda'? 16 Jan

DOD Grants First Religious Waivers for COVID Vaccine 16 Jan

Kelly Rizzo Shares Tribute To 'Sweet Husband' Bob Saget After Funeral: 'He Was Love' 17 Jan

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Says 'COVID Was No Joke,' Shares Photos After Recovery 17 Jan

Hear from these amazing investors and founders on TechCrunch Live this February 17 Jan

7bridges raises $17M to automate logistics supply chains using AI 17 Jan

Scientists identify the zip-1 gene as a first-line defense hub in worms 17 Jan

COVID rule breakers more likely to be condemned by those with opposing political views 17 Jan

EVs Beat Diesels As Electric Car Sales Ramp Up In Europe 17 Jan

Government Data: COVID Infections, Deaths Soar After Vaccination 17 Jan

Why does slicing onions make you cry? 17 Jan

UC Riverside astrophysicist on Webb: Will it save future Earth? - Research & Development World 12 Jan

Following Fastest Growth in 15 Years in 2020, Consumer Media Usage Growth Slowed to 1.6% in 2021, Mirroring Pre-Pandemic Levels; Media Consumption to Grow Faster in 2022 12 Jan

Democrats: The Party of Jim Covid 12 Jan

Logitech Litra Glow is an affordable streaming light for everyone 12 Jan

Russian baby tiger fights for life after frostbite, surgery 12 Jan

Study challenges evolutionary theory that DNA mutations are random 12 Jan

Time for a Linux smartphone? Here comes the PinePhone Pro Explorer Edition | ZDNet 12 Jan

Farmer makes cows wear VR headsets to simulate green pasture 12 Jan

Income tax guide for tax season 2022 | ZDNet 12 Jan

Emotionally manipulative political ads fail at swaying new voters, but excel at ensuring party loyalty 13 Jan

See an awesome 3D map of the massive cosmic bubble surrounding Earth 13 Jan

Microsoft's sexual harassment and gender discrimination policies to undergo review | ZDNet 14 Jan

Crave Announced as HotelTechAwards 2022 Finalists 14 Jan

Tuning the bonds of paired quantum particles to create dissipationless flow 14 Jan

transcosmos China achieves over 30.3 billion yen GMV in e-commerce services during China's Double Eleven Shopping Festival 14 Jan

Exporting Toxic Wokeism 14 Jan

2021 tied for 6th hottest year on record, NASA says 14 Jan

The Mekong Delta in Vietnam is sinking. Can sediment save it? 14 Jan

Proscia and Datavant partner to connect pathology data with health data ecosystem for life sciences R&D - Research & Development World 14 Jan

FDA approves monoclonal antibody to treat arthritis in cats 14 Jan

Fuzzy molecular threesome is basis of gene expression 14 Jan

TLDR bill could make website terms of service easier to understand | ZDNet 14 Jan

Technological solutions to droughts 14 Jan

Image: Dedicated satellites to collect solar energy 14 Jan

Let's get the Bushmaster ACR back! Franklin Armory can do this! 14 Jan

Scientists uncover 'resistance gene' in deadly E. coli 14 Jan

Surface mode coupling used to adjust thermal coefficient of delay of photonic-bandgap hollow-core fiber 14 Jan

Attack Surface Management: Where is the market going? | ZDNet 15 Jan

Fire management in Australia has reached a crossroads and 'business as usual' won't cut it 15 Jan

Being in space destroys more red blood cells 15 Jan

Genetic strategy reverses insecticide resistance 15 Jan

In Defense of Conspiracy Theories: Fauci, Collins, and COVID-19 15 Jan

Undersea Volcano Erupts In Pacific, Islanders Rush To Escape Tsunami 15 Jan

Best Apple deals available right now: January 2022 | ZDNet 15 Jan

Ditch those pesky cables and get a world of charging, syncing and speedy file transfer for just $22 | ZDNet 15 Jan

2021 in Review: 10 Important Clinical Advances in Cancer at MSK 15 Jan

Brace yourself for a peek at Boom!'s new 'Dune' comic book 'A Whisper of Caladan Seas #1' 15 Jan

Explosive underwater volcano eruption in Tonga spotted from space in satellite images 15 Jan

4-foot tsunami hits Tonga after explosive eruption of underwater volcano 15 Jan

New Catalog | News | Amberton University 15 Jan

Fall 2017 Classes Online and Lecture 15 Jan

Identifying the Anti-Christ 15 Jan

100,000 protest across France against plans for vaccine pass 15 Jan

How Did This Get on the BBC? 15 Jan

What War With Russia Would Look Like 15 Jan

2,000-year-old Celtic hoard of gold 'rainbow cups' discovered in Germany 15 Jan

Striking satellite photo captures Mount Vesuvius peering through a hole in the clouds 15 Jan

Trio of physicists honored for findings that could accelerate harnessing on Earth the power that drives the sun and stars 15 Jan

Scientists at PPPL and Princeton University demonstrate a novel rocket for deep-space exploration 15 Jan

Angelo State Awarded $36 Million for Infrastructure Upgrades 15 Jan

Angelo State Alum Appointed New ASU Freshman College Dean 15 Jan

Earth inhales and exhales carbon in mesmerizing animation 15 Jan

Hostage Situation Unfolds During Livestreamed Texas Synagogue Service 16 Jan

Best smartphone deals available right now: January 2022 | ZDNet 15 Jan

Kanye West Goes After Pete Davidson In New Rap 'Eazy' 15 Jan

Renault Says It Will Sell Only Electric Cars In Europe By 2030 16 Jan

How to watch the 'Ice Moon' rise on Martin Luther King Jr. Day 16 Jan

The Kunga Was a Status Symbol Long Before the Thoroughbred 16 Jan

Gas Car Fires Far More Common Than Electric Car Fires 16 Jan

Dimming Sun's rays should be off-limits, say experts 17 Jan

Researchers use AI to analyze tweets debating vaccination and climate change 17 Jan

Low-temperature DeNOx catalyst for reducing ultrafine particle emission 17 Jan

Kim Kardashian and Floyd Mayweather sued for promoting an alleged crypto pump and dump scheme 12 Jan

Adobe: $204 billion spent online during 2021 holiday season, 38 days saw $3 billion in spending | ZDNet 12 Jan

High-speed rail construction reveals Roman town in the UK 12 Jan

1,000-cycle lithium-sulfur battery could quintuple electric vehicle ranges 12 Jan

Rat who detected land mines in Cambodia dies in retirement 12 Jan

Alexa can help you workout with these voice-controlled adjustable dumbbells 12 Jan

UK red squirrel conservation strategies likely to undermine species survival in future 12 Jan

Climate change worsening toll of humid heat on outdoor workers: study 14 Jan

Synthesizing past, present and potential future uses of plant specimens as functional trait data sources 14 Jan

Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument creates largest 3D map of the cosmos 14 Jan

Some birds sing the same song for hundreds of thousands of years 14 Jan

The role of risk aversion in the coal contracting behavior of US power plants 14 Jan

New study overturns popular theory on evolution of termite size 14 Jan

Private 5G is coming soon to a business near you | ZDNet 14 Jan

Levitating and colliding liquid drops 15 Jan

Bombshell: Vaccinated people are dying from autoimmune attacks against their own organs 15 Jan

UK subsidiary of Israeli arms firm Elbit forced to shut its Oldham factory 15 Jan

These birds have been singing the same songs for literally a million years 15 Jan

'Corrupt' FBI should be 'eliminated' for statement on Texas synagogue hostage taker: Critics 16 Jan

Launching with Blue Origin: Q&A with spaceflight veteran Dylan Taylor 17 Jan

People are selling NFTs featuring stolen images of influencers and YouTube gaming stars 17 Jan

MrBeast leads the top 10 highest-paid YouTubers of 2021 with $54 million 17 Jan

Volcanic eruption takes out Tonga cables | ZDNet 17 Jan

9 Reliable Frozen Meals Nutritionists Stash In Their Freezers 17 Jan

Protecting EV Charging Stations from Cyberattacks 17 Jan

Solar-Powered EVs More Possible Than Ever, Thanks To TMDs & Graphene 17 Jan

Electric Trucks: Volvo Increases Range 85%, Kenworth Triples Orders 17 Jan

Sunshine, My Frenemy 17 Jan

Rare observation of a female blanket octopus in the wild 17 Jan

Working in isolated environments enables culture of bullying among elite chefs 17 Jan

A sweet breakthrough: Scientists develop recyclable plastics based on sugars 17 Jan

Almost 800 subglacial lakes cataloged for first time in new global inventory 17 Jan

Report indicates moving rapidly from financial stress to financial comfort may be possible 17 Jan

Fred Hauls His Huge Wash Plant to Get Repairs | Gold Rush 17 Jan

AT&T, Dish Network and T-Mobile were the biggest winners in the FCC's latest 5G auction 17 Jan

Wesfarmers says COVID-19 disrupts H1 operations but bumps up online sales | ZDNet 17 Jan

Jonah Hill Hilariously Ends Unexpected Celebrity Feud With His 'Dear Friend' 17 Jan

Court Vacates Decision to Approve Dakota Access Pipeline Expansion 17 Jan

A2 Hosting Launches Next-Generation Managed WordPress Hosting 17 Jan

Fast, Metadata-Driven Analysis and Visualization of Flow and Mass Cytometry Data with CellEngine, Upcoming Webinar Hosted by Xtalks 17 Jan

Maternal metamorphosis: How mothering has changed in Australia since the second world war 17 Jan

Major improvements in quantum fidelity 17 Jan

Apple is reportedly telling staff to get their booster shots 17 Jan

Microsoft says 'destructive malware' being used against Ukrainian organizations | ZDNet 17 Jan

Scientists detect novel coronavirus in wild leopard cub in India 17 Jan

2021 a Year of Record Growth for McLeod Software, New Product Release Continues their Commitment to Operations Excellence and Productivity for Customers 17 Jan

How cadmium affects larval flounder under seawater acidification 17 Jan

Powerful volcanic blast not the cause for 2018 Indonesian island collapse 17 Jan

Custom RTX 3090 Ti cards priced over $4,000 appear on European site 17 Jan

Get a lifetime of powerful streaming and recording services with endless customization at 60% off | ZDNet 17 Jan

A Verizon employee reveals the worst behavior of iPhone customers | ZDNet 17 Jan

Moscow court charges 8 alleged REvil ransomware hackers | ZDNet 17 Jan

Top 6 Discoveries Of Cassini As Its 20-Year Mission Comes To An End 17 Jan

A New Record Nears: The World's Largest Telescope Prepares For Completion 17 Jan

How much fuel does it take to power the world? 17 Jan

The Hubble Space Telescope Is Falling (Synopsis) 17 Jan

Millions hunker down as storm hits eastern US 17 Jan

In the Atlantic Forest, the lowland tapir is at risk of extinction 17 Jan

The circadian clock in heart failure 17 Jan

Radiant Celebrates 30 Years of Innovation in Imaging Metrology 17 Jan

Wyvern Brings Business Intelligence to New Markets Using Compact Satellites 17 Jan

Protein controlled by both light and temperature can inform cell signal pathways 17 Jan

The gamma-ray binary HESS J0632+057 17 Jan

Bone growth inspired 'microrobots' that can create their own bone 17 Jan

Media Reports a Trump-DeSantis Feud with No Proof of a Conflict 17 Jan

CBS Sports Bans Bible Commercial From Football Game 17 Jan

Sony will continue making PS4 consoles throughout 2022 due to PS5 shortages 12 Jan

Western Australia rolls out all-in-one COVID-19 check-in and proof of vaccination app | ZDNet 12 Jan

AMD, Intel, NVIDIA, and Qualcomm at CES: Very Different Strategies for the Future 12 Jan

Hitler Smears From CNN's Flamethrowers 12 Jan

Surgeons transplant pig's heart into human for first time 12 Jan

As Omicron Surges, Parents of the Youngest Kids Endure an Agonizing Wait 12 Jan

Ships from 1,581 ports may go to Antarctica, bringing unwanted guests 12 Jan

Teen hacker finds bug that lets him control 25+ Teslas remotely 12 Jan

"Voices From DARPA" Podcast, Episode 53: So, You Want to Become a DARPA Program Manager? 12 Jan

The developer who ripped off an already ripped-off game apologizes for ripping it off 12 Jan

Largest study to date on delta-8-THC finds users say it's delta-9's 'nicer younger sibling' 12 Jan

EA confirms dozens of high-profile FIFA accounts hacked | ZDNet 12 Jan

Brazilian IT sector sees growth amid Covid-19 crisis | ZDNet 13 Jan

How retrotransposons control the brain 13 Jan

1,000-light-year wide bubble surrounding Earth is source of all nearby, young stars 13 Jan

Republicans Are Not Gerrymandering Anywhere Near Enough 13 Jan

Beware: China is Gobbling Up American Farmland 13 Jan

PUBG: Battlegrounds maker sues Apple, Google, and the developer of PUBG Mobile clones 14 Jan

January 6 House Committee subpoenas Google, Facebook, Twitter and Reddit | ZDNet 14 Jan

Digiarty Presents Tips on Making New Year Mini-movie with VideoProc Vlogger 14 Jan

North Korea fires 'unidentified projectile': South's military | DefenceTalk 14 Jan

Ukraine reports massive cyber attack on government websites | DefenceTalk 14 Jan

Best crypto credit cards 2022: Cryptocurrency rewards | ZDNet 14 Jan

This is the most inspirational picture of the ISS I've ever seen 14 Jan

Save $20 off this $100 eGift card for plant-based melatonin products from Cloudy | ZDNet 14 Jan

Unusual team finds gigantic planet hidden in plain sight 14 Jan

New photonic technology effect could speed drug development 14 Jan

A 'massive' hacking attack has hit government websites in Ukraine | ZDNet 14 Jan

Dataviva to Launch Cloud Retail Planning Suite powered by Snowflake 14 Jan

Photon recycling: The key to high-efficiency perovskite solar cells 14 Jan

Singapore wants only data centres that are efficient | ZDNet 14 Jan

Dark web carding platform UniCC shuts up shop after making millions | ZDNet 14 Jan

The shocking reason people are quitting tech companies (No, it's not money) | ZDNet 14 Jan

Rogue planets: How wandering bodies in interstellar space ended up on their own 14 Jan

Netflix hikes prices across the board for US subscribers 15 Jan

GRID closes $1.3m oversubscribed seed round to unleash the power of no code for video games 15 Jan

Boredom found to be a factor in sadistic behavior 15 Jan

How to track the huge asteroid about to pass by Earth 15 Jan

Scientists find rare evidence of another supermoon beyond our solar system 15 Jan

Strong evidence shows Sixth Mass Extinction of global biodiversity in progress 15 Jan

Learn the backstory of Grudge the Cat with IDW's new 'Star Trek: Discovery' comic miniseries 15 Jan

NASA Scientists Named AGU 2021 Union Honorees 15 Jan

Summer Schedule 2017 | News | Amberton University 15 Jan

Memorial Day Observance 2017 | Amberton University 15 Jan

CNN stays SILENT: Cooper, Blitzer & Tapper refuse comment on disgraced former producer Rick Saleeby 15 Jan

Vaxx deaths and injuries. The greatest cover up in human history 15 Jan

The Jewish Zeitgeist is an Egregore 15 Jan

Bishop Williamson drops some uncomfortable truths 15 Jan

Omicron's not the last variant we'll see. Will the next one be bad? 15 Jan

SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket spotted from space before and after epic 105-satellite launch (images) 15 Jan

A tanning bed for hypersonic missiles - Quartz lamps help simulate heat generated from Mach 5 flight 15 Jan

Casillas, White Join ASU Foundation Board of Trustees 15 Jan

Political Science Student Wins National Conference Award 15 Jan

Ram Powerlifters Win Gold at Longhorn Open 15 Jan

Fall 2021 Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society Inductees 15 Jan

National Award for Student Refunds Disbursement Program 15 Jan

One of the oldest human fossils just got older: study 15 Jan

Southwest Airlines just made a confession that may make customers weep | ZDNet 16 Jan

Volcano erupts in Pacific, West Coast under tsunami advisory 16 Jan

Glenn Youngkin Ends School Mask Mandates, Vaccines For State Workers After He's Sworn In As Virginia Governor 16 Jan

Huge Tonga underwater volcano eruption captured in stunning satellite video 16 Jan

8 Best Android smartwatches for 2022: Health tracking and notifications close-at-hand | ZDNet 16 Jan

Defense Business Brief: Navy supply chain challenges and worker shortages; FedEx wants missile countermeasures on its planes; and more 16 Jan

Texas synagogue hostage crisis suspect identified 16 Jan

Ukraine: Microsoft reports destructive malware after cyberattack | DefenceTalk 16 Jan

Vast 4,500-year-old network of 'funerary avenues' discovered in Saudi Arabia 17 Jan

The Commonsense Case for 'Right to Repair' 17 Jan

Detailing lake trout reproductive response to sea lamprey parasitism 17 Jan

Obesity in mice lowered by increasing effects of key weight-regulating hormone 17 Jan

Micron starts shipping its 176-Layer QLC SSD, available in a tiny form factor with 2TB of storage 12 Jan

Prancer Enterprise announces the release of Penetration Testing as Code Framework (PAC) 12 Jan

Adobe, Freshworks, Oracle And Snowflake Ceo Frank Slootman Nab Top Honors; Clubhouse Named Biggest Tech Flop In Constellation Research 2021 Enterprise Awards 12 Jan

Rubber material holds key to long-lasting, safer EV batteries 12 Jan

PCIe 6.0 will give us SSDs with speeds beyond your wildest dreams 12 Jan

You can finally use a Ryzen 9 5900X with this ASRock motherboard 13 Jan

Here are 8 steps to create a customer-unified, resilient company in a hybrid work market | ZDNet 13 Jan

Strong demand for 5nm chips sees TSMC deliver solid Q4 results | ZDNet 14 Jan

TCN Named a Finalist in 2021-22 Cloud Awards for Its Advanced Call Center Platform 14 Jan

transcosmos publishes survey findings "Only 51% of all consumers directly communicate their voices to a business, most of their true feelings are shared on SNS" 14 Jan

Australian town hits record high temperature of 50.7C 14 Jan

Study reveals link between brain cell development and risk of schizophrenia 14 Jan

How Dentures Can Improve Your Facial Outlook 14 Jan

Joe Biden's Deplorable Lies May Not Even Be in His Partisan Interest 14 Jan

All-in-one flexible supercapacitor with ultra-stable performance under extreme load 14 Jan

Vertical Flight Society Continues Record Growth, Exceeds 160 Corporate Members 14 Jan

Revenue-based financing platform a55 receives R$92.8 million Series B investment led by Movile to accelerate growth 14 Jan

What COVID-19 can teach fish farms 14 Jan

1 in 3 Americans now 'alarmed' by climate change. Why aren't our leaders? 14 Jan

HarbisonWalker International intends to invest in converting closed Fairfield, Alabama plant into advanced refractories manufacturing hub for southern U.S. steelmakers 15 Jan

Free Annual Whitepaper on the 2021 Global Edtech Investment Available Now 15 Jan

Elephants dying from eating plastic waste in Sri Lankan dump 15 Jan

Space Anemia Is Tied To Being In the Void and Can Stick Around Awhile - Slashdot 14 Jan

Intel's SGX deprecation impacts DRM and Ultra HD Blu-ray support 15 Jan

Private Internet Access review: A cheap, powerful VPN | ZDNet 15 Jan

Using time dilation to measure curvature of space-time 15 Jan

Partisans United Against Institutionalists 15 Jan

Cell Towers On The Ocean Floor 15 Jan

Expect more worrisome variants after omicron, scientists say 15 Jan

Eight in AAE recognized by College as outstanding teachers 15 Jan

NASA's Perseverance rover is clogged up with pebbles 15 Jan

PPPL unravels a puzzle to speed the development of fusion energy 15 Jan

David McComas, Princeton University vice president for PPPL, to receive prestigious medal for space plasma physics research 15 Jan

Registration Opens for Angelo State Foreign Language Competition 15 Jan

$4.77 Million U.S. Department of Education Grant for STEM Enhancement Project 15 Jan

Nursing Online M.S.N. Degrees Ranked Top 10 in U.S. 15 Jan

White House confirms person behind Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack nabbed during Russian REvil raid | ZDNet 15 Jan

Tennis Star Novak Djokovic Leaving Australia After Losing Deportation Appeal 16 Jan

Study nixes Mars life in meteorite found in Antarctica 16 Jan

Texas synagogue accused hostage taker was British national 16 Jan

Rare octopus video shows 'once-in-a-lifetime encounter' 16 Jan

Strange and hidden Jupiter-size exoplanet spotted by astronomers and citizen scientists 16 Jan

Electricity Regulation with Equity & Justice for All 17 Jan

Where Is All The Rooftop Solar Power In Australia Going? 16 Jan

Snow, Ice Blasts Through South With Powerful Winter Storm 16 Jan

LG and the hunt for the next-gen corporate incubator 17 Jan

Norwegian Cruise Cancels Trip After 4 Days Of Travel, Leaving Passengers Bored At Sea 17 Jan

Important new findings about how to test cancer-fighting drugs 17 Jan

The 5 Top 5.7x28 guns - They keep popping up! 17 Jan

Deal alert: Lenovo's $300 Chromebook tablet is still discounted to $99 | ZDNet 17 Jan

Poorest long Covid patients denied specialist NHS treatment 17 Jan

Brick Street Realty Partners With Side To Grow Its Loyal Client Base 17 Jan

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