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SUN & MOON Riverside Hotel Selects INTELITY to Integrate Tech in Supporting Guests 14 Aug

Deadline looms for drought-stricken states to cut water use 15 Aug

Which glaciers are the biggest? Scientists finally have an answer 15 Aug

Preparing for the next pandemic 11 Aug

Douglas County bid opportunities on the Georgia Purchasing Group 11 Aug

Amazon studio plans lighthearted show of Ring surveillance footage 12 Aug

Sippd Expands Feature Set to Help Consumers Master the Art of Giving Wine as a Gift 10 Aug

Modern and Ancient Crickets May Sing the Same Song 10 Aug

SafeSend Returns Wins Fourth CPA Practice Advisor Technology Innovation Award 11 Aug

The US Military Should Red-Team Open Source Code 11 Aug

Discovery of the interactions between plants and arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi 11 Aug

Rensselaer researchers to focus on improving life and efficiency of nuclear reactors - Research & Development World 12 Aug

Everything you need to know about the monkeypox health emergency 12 Aug

Cornell welcomes students, marks milestone in residential life | Cornell Chronicle 14 Aug

Mountain events could improve safety with ultra-high resolution weather models 09 Aug

Finding Family and Opportunity in the Army 10 Aug

Dolphins form rare alliance near Bimini, scientists say 11 Aug

How Thinking Hard Makes the Brain Tired - Slashdot 11 Aug

R&D 100 Finalists for 2022 are announced - Research & Development World 15 Aug

Re Mago Announces Strategic Partnership With LG Business Solutions 14 Aug

The formation of a super strong Mongolian cyclone and its contributing factors 11 Aug

With California expected to lose 10% of its water within 20 years, Gov. Newsom calls for urgent action 12 Aug

Inflectra Retains Trust Relations to Raise Brand Awareness of its End-to-End Software Management Solutions for Regulated Industry Applications 10 Aug

Major Test of First Possible Lyme Vaccine In 20 Years Begins - Slashdot 09 Aug

Ice creams with a chocolate coating are best to enjoy in heatwave 09 Aug

Using a manganese polymer to separate xylene isomers 10 Aug

NanoAvionics expands into heavier smallsat market - SpaceNews 09 Aug

Why thinking hard makes us feel tired 11 Aug

Landfill odor: Health problems, but no elevated cancer risk 12 Aug

Concise synthesis of pleurotin developed 12 Aug

Fort McCoy's Equipment Park at historic Commemorative Area 11 Aug

Three papers highlight results of record 1.3 megajoule yield experiment 10 Aug

New Walther PDP-F (Female) - But men like it too 10 Aug

Nightfall AI Raises $40 Million Series B to Expand Cloud Data Protection Platform 10 Aug

Empire Pacific Investigative Services, Inc. Now Offers Exclusive Blockchain Searches 10 Aug

Disney now has more subscribers than Netflix, reveals price hikes & $7.99 ad-supported tier 11 Aug

Beyond third-party cookies: Community and consumer privacy in the metaverse 12 Aug

Roasting green chillies in the sun could pave way for solar cooking | New Scientist 09 Aug

Navy to Put $14.9 Million Toward Hawaii Watershed Protection After Red Hill Leak - USNI News 11 Aug

Louisville delivers multi-use helicopter training facility at Fort Campbell 12 Aug

Cornea made from pig collagen gives people who were blind 20/20 vision | New Scientist 10 Aug

U.S. Announces Sanctions Against Currency Mixer Firm Tornado Cash 12 Aug

SOUTHCOM commander visits JBSA for PANAMAX 2022 12 Aug

In human-centered AI, UX and software roles are evolving 14 Aug

New drug candidate fights off more than 300 drug-resistant bacteria 10 Aug

Sneeze by Sneeze, Sponges Fill the Seas With Their Mucus 10 Aug

Gartner picks emerging technologies that can drive differentiation for enterprises 10 Aug

All Hooting Aside: Did a Vocal Evolution Give Rise to Language? 11 Aug

9 Tips for a Successful Software Development Project | Technogies - Technology News Network 10 Aug

Cousin of crop-killing bacteria mutating rapidly 12 Aug

First of NASA's SunRISE SmallSats rolls off production line 10 Aug

Has The SMART Tire Company created the ultimate bicycle tire? 10 Aug

Monoclonal antibody reduces asthma attacks in urban youth 11 Aug

Repurposed drug could help patients with motor neuron disease 11 Aug

Rentec Direct Introduces New Live Training for Property Management Clients 11 Aug

Young people in Germany are more concerned about war and climate change than COVID 15 Aug

U.S. Army Medical Materiel Development Command's Soldier-scientist, Col. Norman Waters retires after 31 years of service 14 Aug

Patch madness: Vendor bug advisories are broken, so broken - Urgent Comms 13 Aug

Bats show fewer signs of ageing while they are hibernating | New Scientist 09 Aug

Ultracold atoms dressed by light simulate gauge theories 10 Aug

Miter Gate Replacement Project underway at Cannelton Locks and Dam 11 Aug

How cross-operational teams can improve security posture 11 Aug

NAVFAC Holds Change of Command 11 Aug

Make a Disaster Recovery Plan 14 Aug

USNI News Fleet and Marine Tracker: Aug. 15, 2022 14 Aug

SwRI develops automated shuttle for campus tours, research - Research & Development World 10 Aug

Stranded beluga whale rescued from France's Seine river 10 Aug

Phishers who breached Twilio and fooled Cloudflare could easily get you, too 10 Aug

GunnChamberlain, P.L is now Financial Solution Advisors, PLLC 12 Aug

Holman Invests in Digital Marketing Solutions Innovator Orbee 10 Aug

Vegetarian women are at a higher risk of hip fracture 11 Aug

USS Spruance Returns to Homeport 10 Aug

Regional Health Command Europe bids farewell to their senior enlisted advisor 11 Aug

Change data capture: The critical link for Airbnb, Netflix and Uber 14 Aug

Why edge is eating the world 13 Aug

9 common data governance mistakes and how to avoid them 10 Aug

Rising cloud spending may not signal the end of traditional infrastructure 10 Aug

Tens of thousands of people exposed to bat coronaviruses each year 09 Aug

Catering to Two Foreign Submarines is Full-time Job for Mayport Logistics Team 11 Aug

Ice core taken in Antarctica contains sample of atmosphere from five million years ago 13 Aug

World's biggest ice sheet could cause massive sea rise without action: study 13 Aug

Never-before-seen armoured dinosaur is unearthed in Argentina 14 Aug

Reach Reporting and Gusto Announce Integration Partnership 10 Aug

A simple way of sculpting matter into complex shapes 13 Aug

Fixing Army Recruiting: Take Care of the Soldiers and their Families 09 Aug

Keith LIES to Josh and Casey! | Deadliest Catch #shorts 10 Aug

Iran navy says repelled attack on ship in Red Sea | DefenceTalk 10 Aug

NAVCENT Hosts Maritime Course for Regional Partners in Bahrain 14 Aug

Former Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan & Shmoop Give Students a Voice 15 Aug

Taiwan FM says China using drills to 'prepare for invasion' | DefenceTalk 10 Aug

Smart contact lenses for cancer diagnostics and screening 12 Aug

The Ted Stevens Center for Arctic Security Studies opens on JBER 11 Aug

Unexpected quantum effects in natural double-layer graphene 15 Aug

Sharp Imaging and Information Company of America Debuts Synappx Collaboration Hub Experience 10 Aug

Rain brings relief to France fires, but more evacuated in south 14 Aug

167th Airlift Wing Airman Spotlight August 2022 10 Aug

Transportation recovery after disasters: A collaborative university/community model 11 Aug

Researchers fabricate cobalt copper catalysts for methane on metal-organic framework 13 Aug

Pay farmers to restore habitat on least productive farmland 14 Aug

The Wheelbot: A symmetric unicycle with jumping reaction wheels 15 Aug

I Am Navy Medicine: Lauren McCall at NMRTU Everett 14 Aug

Physicists switch magnetic state using spin current 10 Aug

10 top artificial intelligence (AI) solutions in 2022 10 Aug

Bug eyes and bat sonar: Bioengineers turn to animal kingdom for creation of bionic super 3D cameras 13 Aug

Electrify Everything: These Are The Most Important Things To Change ASAP 09 Aug

Morgan Lewis Enhances Their Relativity Environment with Lineal Amplify 11 Aug

DFW Alliance of Technology and Women Announces Lineup for 2022 Executive Leadership Forum 11 Aug

Dante-Enabled Amplifiers Cover the Zones, Make the Power Play at Exciting New Matches Sports Bar in the UK 10 Aug

Wiesbaden garrison commander urges workforce to 'see ourselves' 11 Aug

The uncomfortable truth about operational data pipelines 13 Aug

Hovering robots could get more lift by 'treading water' in the air | New Scientist 10 Aug

Nuclear Fusion Breakthrough Confirmed: California Team Achieved Ignition. Research Continues - Slashdot 12 Aug

Researchers: It's 'Unlikely' There's Water- or Ice-Saturated Layers Below InSight Mars Lander - Slashdot 13 Aug

New insights into Huntington's disease 15 Aug

Corista and Evident Partner to Bring Digital Pathology to Clients Worldwide 11 Aug

Living LEGOs 14 Aug

R&D 100 winner of the day: Plug-N-Play Appliance for Resilient Response of Operational Technologies (PARROT) - Research & Development World 10 Aug

The geometry of life: when mathematics meets synthetic biology 11 Aug

C-130J transition on track as Guardsmen prepare for change 12 Aug

The problem with our cybersecurity problem 13 Aug

North End Meeting: Building the Student Experience 09 Aug

Interstellar meteor may be awaiting discovery on the sea floor | New Scientist 11 Aug

35 years of channelling potassium ions 15 Aug

2D array of electron and nuclear spin qubits opens new frontier in quantum science 15 Aug

Shipyard Spotlight: Mike Westerveld 14 Aug

Book Bans and Free Speech 10 Aug

New role for blood-brain barrier in neuron function and damage 15 Aug

New test may predict COVID immunity 09 Aug

Gartner speaks out on the impact of the CHIPS and Science Act bill 12 Aug

Open science is facing headwinds 15 Aug

Ever wanted to name a planet? Here's how to name one found by the James Webb Telescope 15 Aug

MIT team reports giant response of semiconductors to light 14 Aug

"Christmas Nights In Lights" Drives Guests Through the Holiday Season 11 Aug

Report: Data engineers spend 2 days per week firefighting bad data quality 11 Aug

Hibernation slows biological aging in bats 10 Aug

European drought dries up rivers, kills fish, shrivels crops 12 Aug

Sennheiser's new Momentum 4 wireless headphones have a 60-hour battery life 09 Aug

Title: Air Force and Army join forces against sexual assault 09 Aug

IFC Markets 15th Anniversary: clients won Mustang MACH-E and other valuable prizes 12 Aug

Evolutionary network of whiptail lizards reveals predictable outcomes of hybridization 12 Aug

Samsung 55-Inch Odyssey Ark curved gaming display pre-orders open at $3,500 15 Aug

CloudApp Extends Visual Work Collaboration Market Presence with Slack Integration 11 Aug

Today's D Brief: Taiwan practices island defense; China trying to improve 'blockade ops'; At least 70K Russian casualties in Ukraine; Renaming commission price tag; And a bit more. 10 Aug

Continuing a Journey 10 Aug

Iraq's Garden of Eden now 'like a desert' 14 Aug

Today's heat waves feel a lot hotter than heat index implies 15 Aug

Blipcoin 10 Aug

Four rising stars who are reshaping nanoscience 10 Aug

Mimo Monitors Introduces Unify Meeting Software Solution 09 Aug

Exertis Almo Announces Winners of 2022 Manufacturer Excellence Awards 10 Aug

Advancing Impactful Careers 11 Aug

Sauropods had soft foot pads to help support their massive weight 12 Aug

Can Monkeypox Spread Through Objects Like Doorknobs? 10 Aug

Study demonstrates combination of betadine and silver colloidal gel effectively eliminates infection-causing bacteria 11 Aug

Walrus that attracted crowds in Oslo fjord euthanised 14 Aug

What to See in the Night Sky for August 2022 15 Aug

Marine Corps Investigation Into MV-22B Osprey Crash in Noway - USNI News 15 Aug

Sweet success: New enzymatic biosystem harvests the potential of the sugar maltose 10 Aug

Navy Rolls Retention Programs for Submarine Commanders, Senior Enlisted Sailors - USNI News 10 Aug

Economic slowdown seen globally, in this week's R&D Power Index - Research & Development World 15 Aug

Competition limits the ranges of mountain birds | Cornell Chronicle 11 Aug

ParentSquare Partners with MyVRSpot to Enhance Video Messaging to K-12 School-Home Engagement Platform 10 Aug

Loffler Companies Centralizes Workforce with New Twin Cities Headquarters Renovation 10 Aug

Researchers find new ways to steer fusion with lasers and magnetic fields 11 Aug

Why Airbus is betting on AI to fix pilot shortage, flight safety 10 Aug

Evidence that giant meteorite impacts created the continents 10 Aug

How cross-border collaboration underpins the nanoscience revolution 10 Aug

Eco-glue can replace harmful adhesives in wood construction 10 Aug

Today's D Brief: China winds down Taiwan drills; Beijing's new Taiwan occupation threat; 9 Russian jets destroyed in Crimea; Javelins to Brazil; And a bit more. 11 Aug

COVID-19 mRNA vaccines are safe in pregnancy, large study confirms 12 Aug

USS Charleston and USS Green Bay participate in Garuda Shield 2022 12 Aug

Investors threaten financial stability of health care providers: New study 10 Aug

Onymos Appoints Technology Industry Veteran Keith Feingold to Accelerate Business Expansion 11 Aug

Hubble sees supergiant Betelgeuse slowly recovering after blowing its top 12 Aug

Did YOU see it? Stunning photos show last night's SUPERMOON 11 Aug

Women in CyberSecurity (WiCyS) is hosting its Virtual Career Fair 15 Aug

Heat, drought rekindle huge wildfire in southwest France 10 Aug

Disney-owned streaming trifecta unveils price hikes, ad-supported Disney+ 12 Aug

Researchers Pinpointed Covid-19's Origin to Within a Few Metres - Slashdot 12 Aug

South Africa doesn't need new cities: It needs to focus on fixing what it's got 15 Aug

DARPA Critical Minerals Competition Uses AI to Accelerate Analytics 15 Aug Sets New Standard for Security in Digital Estate Planning 09 Aug

Nokia lawsuit forces Oppo and OnePlus out of the German market 10 Aug

Colliding galaxies dazzle in Gemini North image 11 Aug

A new explainable AI paradigm that could enhance human-robot collaboration 11 Aug

'Game-changing' breakthrough could reduce transplant waiting list 14 Aug

Mario Lopez and Menudo Productions Begin Search for THE NEW MENUDO TODAY 10 Aug

Look up tonight! Final supermoon of the year will peak this evening 10 Aug

A practical approach to building resilience with zero trust 13 Aug

Collagen a key player in breast cancer metastasis 10 Aug

NASA Has Plans to Probe Uranus 12 Aug

AI that recommends diets based on the microbiome relieves constipation | New Scientist 14 Aug

Scientists improve the power output of triboelectric nanogenerators with carbon particles 10 Aug

Parametrix introduces downtime insurance for content delivery networks 10 Aug

Vegetarian women have 33 per cent higher risk of breaking a hip | New Scientist 10 Aug

DOE Digs Up Molten Salt Nuclear Reactor Tech, Los Alamos To Lead the Way Back - Slashdot 11 Aug

SK Hynix aiming to break ground on US chip packaging facility in early 2023 12 Aug

New faint, distant and cold brown dwarf discovered 10 Aug

Underpaid and overworked: researchers abroad fall prey to bullying 10 Aug

The US Army Is Hunting For More Soldier-Connected Tech 12 Aug

Scientists find gasses from Earth in rocks from young Moon 11 Aug

Betelgeuse is bouncing back after blowing its top in 2019 13 Aug

Tencent and Alibaba have lost more value this year than any other company in the world 15 Aug

Amy Keating named head of the Department of Biology 14 Aug

Shotcut 15 Aug

Looking for 'ever-loving homes': Nearly 4,000 beagles bred for drug experiments rescued 10 Aug

When Fireflies Await a Night That Never Comes 11 Aug

Top Gun? Nah, Top Chef 10 Aug

Passion projects prepare to launch 10 Aug

The courage to change 11 Aug

Remember OPSEC during Antiterrorism Awareness Month 11 Aug

The Faces Behind the Food 14 Aug

Artemis I will get three launch attempts in coming weeks 14 Aug

U.S. Energy Production Declined by Record Amounts in Several States in 2020 09 Aug

Luxury Multi-Dwelling intercom integration with Crestron Home enabled by AVLinkPro 11 Aug

Linebacker of the Week: Staff Sgt. Tyler Skurka 09 Aug

A fresh look into grasslands as carbon sinks 12 Aug

Xiaomi clones the Galaxy Fold, makes it 40% thinner, adds a bigger battery 13 Aug

Ransomware Causes 'Major', Long-Lasting Outage for UK Health Service's Patient Notes - Slashdot 12 Aug

You couldn't give them away, now they're super collectible! 15 Aug

Similarity of hepatocytes from liver and from stem cells improved 15 Aug

NASA's 6-mile wide orbital telescope is 1/6th built 09 Aug

ProNovos and Smith + Howard Announce Strategic Partnership 13 Aug

Partnership launches no-cost wastewater monitoring service for local governments - Urgent Comms 11 Aug

Magnitude 5.7 earthquake shakes part of eastern Indonesia 14 Aug

Scientists twirl liquid light into time-periodic cluster 10 Aug

DoE taps Los Alamos to lead molten salt reactor research 10 Aug

NASA's Fermi telescope confirms star wreck as source of extreme cosmic particles 11 Aug

Razer launches lighter DeathAdder V3 Pro with a 4,000Hz wireless polling rate option 11 Aug

Study achieves longest continuous tracking of migrating insects 11 Aug

Breakthrough Named 2022 Top Food Chain Technology by Food Chain Digest 12 Aug

A review article clarifies genotype-independent plant transformation 13 Aug

'Dead fish everywhere' in German-Polish river after feared chemical waste dump 13 Aug

Humanities Scholars explore future careers through legal internships | Cornell Chronicle 14 Aug

A Desert Nation Turns To Hydroponics To Make Feed for Its Livestock - Slashdot 14 Aug

Gifted dogs found to be more playful 15 Aug

Back on the Right Path: U.S. Marine Captain guides service members facing adversity toward personal and professional recovery 10 Aug

Poaching of 'status symbol' date mussels threatens Italy's coasts 12 Aug

The American Semiconductor Innovation Coalition: Taking Advantage of the Chips and Science Act 12 Aug

Retailer in Canada puts pricey AMD Ryzen 9 7950X and 7900X up for pre-order 15 Aug

400 million voting records show persistent gaps in voter turnout by race, age, and political affiliation 11 Aug

In Texas, How Much Pain Does It Take to Get Medical Care? 11 Aug

Small launch vehicle industry growth slows - SpaceNews 10 Aug

Humans have totally altered small mammal communities in just a few centuries 15 Aug

ASC top leader provides sage advice, direction during visit to APS-2 site in Mannheim 14 Aug

Powering the Next Generation of Immersive Digital Experiences 10 Aug

Drought tightens its grip on Morocco 12 Aug

Harry Tuller honored for career advancing solid-state chemistry and electrochemistry 11 Aug

Apple and Meta once discussed "revenue sharing" methods, report claims 13 Aug

New study overturns 100-year-old understanding of color perception 15 Aug

MIT scientists discover new antiviral defense system in bacteria 10 Aug

Ethiopia says completes third filling of mega-dam reservoir 12 Aug

Mars astronauts would get unsafe radiation doses even with shielding | New Scientist 11 Aug

Twerking bears and waggling bees: Meet the dancers of the animal world 12 Aug

Polarization Research Lab to Study Political Animosity 15 Aug

JD Public Interest Fellowships 10 Aug

Radiant Webinar Discusses Camera Monitor Systems Used in Place of Vehicle Mirrors and Advantages for SAE-Based Display Testing 10 Aug

Flash FLOODS could occur if heavy rain follows heatwave, expert warns 11 Aug

New Research Reveals the Circadian Clock Influences Cell Growth, Metabolism, and Tumor Progression - Slashdot 11 Aug

Torrey Pines Scientific's EchoTherm HPLC Column Oven with temperature control - Research & Development World 12 Aug

New research reveals the circadian clock influences cell growth, metabolism and tumor progression 10 Aug

'Vabbing' trend could be dangerous, doctors warn 10 Aug

Apple Maps could soon have ADVERTS, report claims 14 Aug

Epidemiologist Answers Common Monkeypox Questions | WIRED 15 Aug

Scientists identify how SARS-CoV-2 spreads in the Middle East 15 Aug

Simon Stiell of Grenada named new UN climate chief 16 Aug

FCC considers new rules for emerging space capabilities - SpaceNews 10 Aug

Stories of Hope | Sgt. Major Thomas Campbell 12 Aug

US blacklisting of Tornado Cash sparks outcry from cryptocurrency industry 10 Aug

These seafaring 'robot surfboards' will hopefully float into a hurricane soon 11 Aug

Photo Essay: Historical buildings at Fort McCoy's historic Commemorative Area 11 Aug

Nuclear war between the US and Russia 'would cause a global famine' 14 Aug

Comcast was too expensive and AT&T was too slow, so this man built his own ISP 11 Aug

Arctic is warming nearly FOUR TIMES faster than the rest of the world 10 Aug

Unifiller Systems Inc. is pleased to introduce the launch of the Electro-Mate Decorating System 15 Aug

Road signs for immune defense cells 15 Aug

Stormwater management ponds may not hold the solution for depleting wetlands 11 Aug

New AI tool allows mourners to have conversations with the dead 14 Aug

Low school test scores linked to racial segregation and lead exposure in NC 15 Aug

Abraham Lincoln Carrier Strike Group Returns from Indo-Pacific Deployment Highlighted by South China Sea Operations - USNI News 11 Aug

A step towards quantum gravity 12 Aug

The effects of overturning Roe v. Wade in seven simple charts 10 Aug

Munitions Airmen face off at the 2022 MUNSS Olympics 10 Aug

DOD Failing to Track Progress on Military Alternatives to GPS, GAO Says 11 Aug

The Most Surprising Part of the New CDC COVID Guidance 11 Aug

Indo-Pacific Allies and partners solidify relations, ready for future during Senior Enlisted Leader International Summit 11 Aug

166th Regiment gets new commander 11 Aug

Experimental verification on steering flight of honeybee by electrical stimulation 15 Aug

First-ever detection of gas in a circumplanetary disk 09 Aug

A Pharmaceutical Dynamo Committed to Driving Innovation within Drug Development Joins Captario as Director of Strategic Account Management 10 Aug

The power of now: How AI is propelling customer experience transformation 11 Aug

U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren visits MIT to celebrate passage of CHIPS and Science Act 11 Aug

USACE breaks ground on modern vehicle maintenance facility at Fort Campbell 12 Aug

NASA, Space Force resolve SLS flight termination system issue - SpaceNews 12 Aug

Shooter Detection Systems to Showcase Gunshot Detection Solutions to the ASIS Community at the Georgia World Congress Center 15 Aug

Research team models moving 'washers' that help DNA replicate 10 Aug

Top 3 text-to-image generators: How DALL-E 2, GLIDE and Imagen stand out 10 Aug

University of Michigan Institute for Social Research is developing new data platform 11 Aug

Wait, Have I Been Vaccinated Against Polio? 12 Aug

BASOPS Maintenance employee to retire after 44 years of service with U.S. Army 14 Aug

Watch tiny electromechanical robots that are faster than cheetahs for their size 11 Aug

THINKING too hard causes a build-up of toxic chemicals in your brain 10 Aug

How does monkeypox spread? What scientists know 11 Aug

Virgin Orbit reduces launch forecast while increasing per-launch revenue - SpaceNews 13 Aug

Why Soylent Green Got 2022 So Wrong 15 Aug

Improving crop resilience with nanoparticles 10 Aug

Theorem Recognized for Performance Marketing Innovation in 2022 MarTech Breakthrough Awards Program 11 Aug

Skalable Technologies makes the Prestigious INC. 5000 for the Second time 15 Aug

Why low temperatures could help starve tumours of fuel 10 Aug

Female monkeys with female friends live longer 11 Aug

The best cheap Android phones 12 Aug

A large nuclear war could leave 5 billion people without enough to eat | New Scientist 14 Aug

Researchers assess diagnostic criteria for canine glioma 15 Aug

10 malicious Python packages exposed in latest repository attack 10 Aug

Uncovering the past: Researchers create 3D images of fossils 11 Aug

Scientists have standardized genome editing terminology 12 Aug

AI algorithm that detects brain abnormalities could help cure epilepsy 12 Aug

Defense Business Brief: Army IED-hunting planes leave Middle East; Senate approves corporate buyback tax; Pentagon invests in black powder factory; and more. 16 Aug

Chemists achieve 'molecular editing' feat 09 Aug

Scientists Create a More Sustainable LED From Fish Scales - Slashdot 09 Aug

Arctic flights to shed light on sea ice and storms link 11 Aug

Math error: A new study overturns 100-year-old understanding of color perception 11 Aug

Asteroids may shoot pebbles into orbit, boffins believe 11 Aug

AAU President Praises Passage of Inflation Reduction Act 11 Aug

Giant yellow crustacean in an aquarium turns out to be new species | New Scientist 09 Aug

Nelson satisfied with NASA authorization act - SpaceNews 09 Aug

Camp Humphreys VBS takes children to Egypt 11 Aug

On the menu at a UK restaurant: carbon footprint 10 Aug

Verizon Frontline demos connectivity and emergency response to chemical spill drill - Urgent Comms 11 Aug

Army Behind the Scenes: Redeployment Ceremony | U.S. Army 12 Aug

Google adds instant cloud-streaming button to web searches for games 12 Aug

ketteQ Names New CEO, Supply chain industry veteran Mike Landry takes helm as ketteQ scales digital platform 15 Aug

Dozens in China infected with Langya virus found in shrews 11 Aug

Study finds that sound plus electrical body stimulation has potential to treat chronic pain 11 Aug

When light is the switch: Nanometric photodiodes to study the activity of neurons 12 Aug

Sonos delays its hotly anticipated Sub Mini after a rough financial quarter 12 Aug

Data-driven organizations begin with a data culture 12 Aug

Prediction of human movement during disasters could allow for more effective emergency response 10 Aug

Hot nights: US in July sets new record for overnight warmth 13 Aug

Northern Strike gives MDARNG Field Artillery Soldiers the Chance to Test Their Skills 13 Aug

Nuclear war would cause a global famine and kill billions, study finds 15 Aug

Beluga whale lost in French river euthanized during rescue 10 Aug

Simultaneous climate events risk damaging entire socioeconomic systems 11 Aug

Cell chatter tells story of arterial thickening 12 Aug

HII Set to Install First Hypersonic Missiles on USS Zumwalt, USS Michael Monsoor During Repair Period - USNI News 12 Aug

Brain chips for lawyers could cut legal fees, report suggests 14 Aug

CE Pro All-Star Band Returns to CEDIA Expo 2022 14 Aug

Detection of physical forces produced by bacterial infection can initiate the immune response 11 Aug

USAMMC-E group joins 45,000 participants at 104th Nijmegen marching event 10 Aug

Study of OTC supplements shows some have very high levels of levodopa, which can lead to paranoia 12 Aug

Google could soon let you launch cloud games directly from its search results 12 Aug

Are Space Scientists Ready For Starship - the Biggest Rocket Ever? - Slashdot 12 Aug

Weird and wonderful world of fungi shaped by evolutionary bursts, study finds 15 Aug

Nuclear war between two nations could spark global famine 15 Aug

Newest ezCheckprinting and Virtual Printer Software Aids Customers Using QuickBooks and Quicken 11 Aug

South Florida's monarch population is an 'unusual beast.' Some butterflies are endangered, but these plan to hang around 11 Aug

How can the UK secure its water supply as droughts get more frequent? | New Scientist 10 Aug

Nutrition Care Specialists learn skills, find opportunities 14 Aug

Holocaust Museum motivates visitors to create social change, study suggests 16 Aug

New Google site begs Apple for mercy in messaging war 10 Aug

Dumpster diver 15 Aug

Finnish parliament website targeted in cyber attack | DefenceTalk 10 Aug

Banana peels make sugar cookies better for you 10 Aug

Bioengineered cornea restores sight to the blind and visually impaired 12 Aug

Science is Getting Closer To a World Without Animal Testing - Slashdot 14 Aug

Understanding how motor proteins shape our cells 10 Aug

Colorful solar panels could make the technology more attractive 15 Aug

Android 13 is now available for Google Pixel phones 16 Aug

The world's biggest ice sheet is more vulnerable to global warming than scientists previously thought 11 Aug

NAVSUP WSS awards largest, most comprehensive BOA 14 Aug

Centercode Exemplifies Commitment to Security, Availability and Confidentiality with Completion of SOC 2 Type 2 Audit 10 Aug

How to Start a Profitable eCommerce Business from Home 12 Aug

461st Flight Test Squadron receives brand new F-35A 14 Aug

iPulser Launches New Device & App to Help Ease Chronic Pain 10 Aug

Team finds new mechanism for heterochromatin establishment and transcriptional silencing in rice crop fungus 11 Aug

Teachers learn radar basics in LLRISE outreach program 10 Aug

Researchers developing health-monitoring e-tattoo - Urgent Comms 11 Aug

The nanoscience revolution 10 Aug

Using sound and bubbles to make bandages stickier and longer lasting 12 Aug

How long will it take to understand long COVID? 13 Aug

New giant deep-sea isopod discovered in the Gulf of Mexico 10 Aug

Researchers introduce rapid diagnostic test for Listeria 10 Aug

USS Abraham Lincoln Return Marks End of Second High-Tempo Carrier Deployment in WESTPAC - USNI News 10 Aug

LG plans to introduce 20-inch OLED panels this year 13 Aug

Diffusing the connected car's ticking data-privacy timebomb - Urgent Comms 13 Aug

Team reports giant response of semiconductors to light 15 Aug

Samsung heir pardoned due to South Korean economic needs 12 Aug

A massive planet circles a huge star doomed to explode 15 Aug

Is switching jobs the key to surviving the cost of living crisis? 15 Aug

31st MEU Conducts JLTV Shore-to-Ship Heavy Lift 09 Aug

GLP JDC1 and Impression FR10 Bar Set the Stage for Austrian Hip-hop Artist and Producer RAF Camora 11 Aug

Tyndall Librarians series: Emily Copeland 11 Aug

Irreversible declines in freshwater storage projected in parts of Asia by 2060 15 Aug

Overcoming a major manufacturing constraint 12 Aug

USS Delaware (SSN 791) holds change of command ceremony 11 Aug

GridPoint to Join Panel Discussion at AESP 2022 Summer Con 15 Aug

Bullied abroad: how foreign researchers can fight back 10 Aug

Old age isn't a modern phenomenon: Many people lived long enough to grow old in the olden days, too 11 Aug

Clinical Excellence in Medicine Honored at NMCSD 11 Aug

U.S. Army hands over satellite operations to Space Force, but keeps a foothold in space - SpaceNews 13 Aug

LevelTen Energy Launches MarketPulse, Delivering Data and Analytics Critical to Navigating Today's Volatile Energy Market 15 Aug

Discovery of non-conventional peptides in Vitis vinifera L. through peptidogenomics 09 Aug

Number of teens using Facebook crashes as YouTube becomes platform of choice 11 Aug

T.Rex had small EYES to allow for stronger bites, study claims 10 Aug

Monkeys in Bali use stones as sex toys to fill their leisure time | New Scientist 11 Aug

Japan's New Defense Minister Looking to Improve Country's Defense Posture Amid Chinese Aggression - USNI News 12 Aug

Social Media Recap: Aurora Calls Out Crestron in Recent Marketing Email 11 Aug

How to upgrade to Windows 11, whether your PC is supported or not [Updated] 13 Aug

Satellite data finds landfills are methane 'super emitters' 13 Aug

97 FSS Airmen host Back to School-A-Palooza for military kids 10 Aug

How a crypto payment gateway can drive business growth for ecommerce 15 Aug

Capella unveils a new generation of radar satellites - SpaceNews 09 Aug

Beyond net-zero: We should, if we can, cool the planet back to pre-industrial levels 13 Aug

Climate model suggests global warming has already doubled the risk of California megaflood 15 Aug

Report to Congress on the History of Naval Station Guantanamo Bay - USNI News 10 Aug

Good.Lab Releases ESG Materiality Assessment Software Tool 11 Aug

Star Assessments Now Connect to Nearpod to Accelerate Student Growth 15 Aug

Presence of certain bacteria in saliva might indicate PTSD in veteran soldiers 10 Aug

Trino turns 10: Starburst celebrates a decade of its open source query engine 11 Aug

Cornell AgriTech at 140: Growing a more resilient future | Cornell Chronicle 10 Aug

A flexible, rod-driven soft robot for biomedical applications 11 Aug

Why diversity should have a critical impact on data privacy 10 Aug

Arctic warming four times faster than rest of Earth: study 12 Aug

Black Hat 2022 reveals why machine identities are the most vulnerable 15 Aug

AI and computer vision powers growing shop-and-go platform 10 Aug

Higgs10: Inventing the future of Higgs research 10 Aug

Millan Named to Decadal Survey on Solar and Space Physics 11 Aug

New Consumer Research Available for Restaurant and Pizzeria Industries 11 Aug

102nd Civil Engineers build in Big Sky Country 11 Aug

Mount Sinai Launches Large-Scale Genetic Sequencing Project with the Regeneron Genetics Center 12 Aug

X-ray marks the spot in elemental analysis of 15th-century printing press methods 13 Aug

The Soviet Union once hunted endangered whales to the brink of extinction 13 Aug

A package deal crucial to the mission 14 Aug

Research shows pairing herbicides with prescribed burning improves downy brome control 16 Aug

Navy Wants to Decommission 39 Warships in 2023 - USNI News 15 Aug

Reveal Mobile Wins MarTech Breakthrough Award for Best Location Based Marketing Platform 11 Aug

Using ammonia to heal perovskite film for solar panel construction 15 Aug

Travis AFB opens AFREP 14 Aug

Thinking like a cyber-attacker to protect user data 10 Aug

GUIDEcx Announces New Gainsight Integration Providing Powerful Insights into the Health of Onboarding Projects 11 Aug

R&D 100 winner of the day: ThermalTracker-3D - Research & Development World 12 Aug

Parasitic behavior of the root-knot nematode is negatively regulated by root-derived volatiles of C. metuliferus 13 Aug

Cusp Real Estate Partners With Side To Offer Southern California Buyers and Sellers Full-Service Experiences 15 Aug

Eye doctors who get even small payments from drug companies more likely to prescribe name-brand eyedrops 15 Aug

Stiff, achy knees? Lab-made cartilage gel outperforms the real thing 12 Aug

Matter at extreme conditions of very high temperature and pressure turns out to be remarkably simple and universal 14 Aug

Shaun the Sheep mascot among bizarre items on Artemis 1 moon mission 14 Aug

Scientists identify mechanism crucial for COVID-19 virus replication 10 Aug

2021 R&D 100 winner of the day: QED: Quantum Ensured Defense of the Smart Electric Grid - Research & Development World 15 Aug

Scientists discover new antiviral defense system in bacteria 11 Aug

US military fuels eVTOL research with $75M contract 11 Aug

AI may come to the rescue of future firefighters 10 Aug

Zoo gorillas have developed a call to get their keepers' attention 10 Aug

Michigan ANG, joint and ally partners achieve ACE milestone during Northern Agility 22-2 11 Aug

Responders complete successful joint interagency search and rescue exercise in Guam 10 Aug

Cole shooting the Origin 12 of Call of Duty fame. 12 Aug

Flyover at the Field of Dreams 11 Aug

CT scanner captures entire wooly mammoth tusk 09 Aug

Are animal migrations social? 10 Aug

New quantum whirlpools with tetrahedral symmetries discovered in a superfluid 11 Aug

Osan activates Fighter Generation Squadrons 10 Aug

Interstellar meteorite may be awaiting discovery on the sea floor | New Scientist 11 Aug

At 72 years old, KATUSA program continues to strengthen ROK-U.S. alliance 13 Aug

PrideStaff Named to Staffing Industry Analysts' 2022 List of Largest U.S. Staffing Firms for Ten Consecutive Years 10 Aug

Experimental drug reduces risk of death from blood vessel rupture in mice 10 Aug

Meta's new AI chatbot BlenderBot 3 calls Mark Zuckerberg 'creepy' 09 Aug

Astro Digital Q&A: Taking smallsats to the mainstream - SpaceNews 10 Aug

Mini donkey gets big boost from pacemaker | Cornell Chronicle 10 Aug

Treasury Department Sanctions Popular Cryptocurrency Mixer, Citing Growing Threat 09 Aug

Men from ethnic minorities earn 10% less than their white counterparts inside the same firm 09 Aug

Exposed! International Space Station tests organisms, materials in space 10 Aug

Unraveling of genetic mechanism behind tumor formation may improve targeted treatment for cancer patients 10 Aug

How IAM3DHUB, Spain, and HP Are Building for the 3D Printed Future 12 Aug

Battalion hosts critical medical training 11 Aug

10 'silly questions' Google Search will now refuse to answer 11 Aug

Forcura Promotes Jason Schoepfer to Chief Financial Officer 15 Aug

Researchers investigate spatial distribution of reservoir plankton communities in Southeast China 11 Aug

Scientists develop gel made from spider silk proteins for biomedical applications 15 Aug

How do rootstocks mediate scion salinity tolerance under salt stress? 16 Aug

How Preconceived Notions Affect EV Range Anxiety 09 Aug

#Soldier to recruit advice on Basic Training 11 Aug

US Approves First Javelin Anti-Tank Weapon Sale to Brazil 10 Aug

Study uncovers what happens inside artery plaque to trigger strokes 11 Aug

Researchers explore a new connection between topology and quantum entanglement 12 Aug

Respected snake researcher dies from rattlesnake bite 12 Aug

Abstraction in programming: Taming the ones and zeros 13 Aug

Microsoft defends Activision Blizzard deal after Sony expresses fears over Call of Duty 11 Aug

DARPA asks Intel, Amazon, SpaceX to develop space Internet 10 Aug

"Voices from DARPA" Podcast, Episode 59: DARPA Forward 11 Aug

Fitness AI: How synthetic data powers better workouts 12 Aug

Photo Essay: August 2022 training operations at Fort McCoy 11 Aug

All systems go in Houston as NASA prepares return to Moon 15 Aug

Envoy Global Appoints New President, Global and Chief Financial Officer, Expands International Reach 10 Aug

Shredded dwarf galaxies may lack dark matter to hold them together | New Scientist 09 Aug

Spotify dips its toes into the concert ticket reselling market with new Live Events website 11 Aug

Arctic Warming Is Happening Faster Than Described, Analysis Shows - Slashdot 10 Aug

After five years, Half-Life 2 VR mod to enter public beta next month 11 Aug

Meteorite provides record of asteroids 'spitting out' pebbles 12 Aug

Report: 76% of consumers would stop doing business with a company after just one bad customer experience 12 Aug

New model sheds light on day/night cycle in the global ocean 10 Aug

McDavid assumes command of the 167th Logistics Readiness Squadron 09 Aug

Optical microscope strategy allows observers to check electrons moving inside gold 13 Aug

New target identified for treatment of premature aging disease 10 Aug

Datapath Founders Reminisce About Company History 10 Aug

The Arabian plate is holding steady 15 Aug

Car Buyers Fight Back With Dealer Markup Tracker 09 Aug

Newfound X-ray flashes might shed light on their own origins 09 Aug

Research identifies, exploits vulnerability in certain high-risk cancers 10 Aug

USAG Benelux, Partners March at Nijmegen 09 Aug

Hear it for yourself: Zoo gorillas invent new call to communicate with human handlers 12 Aug

The Army Brief: Connecting tech; Renaming costs; Funding landmine removal; and more... 13 Aug

Cash may not be the most effective way to motivate employees 15 Aug

New method can remove dyes from wastewater 11 Aug

Can a human with a spinal cord injury walk and run? Discovering clues with neuromorphic technology 15 Aug

Today's D Brief: UN warns of dangers at Russian-occupied nuclear plant; More MLRS to Kyiv; China lashes out at Lithuania; Decoding Beijing's Taiwan wargames; And a bit more. 15 Aug

This Mercedes F200 concept had cameras for side mirrors and joystick steering... in 1996 15 Aug

Why managed detection and response (MDR) adoption is growing among small businesses 09 Aug

Simplified voice box enriches human speech 11 Aug

How can England secure its water supply as droughts get more frequent? | New Scientist 10 Aug

Brightest stars in the night sky can strip Neptune-sized planets to their rocky cores 12 Aug

Making oxygen with magnets could help astronauts breathe easy 12 Aug

Twins Embark on a Journey at Sea 14 Aug

Astronomers detect new eclipsing post-common-envelope binary 16 Aug

Mysterious ancient chemical formulae are decoded at last 11 Aug

Resident Evil Humble Bundle includes 10 games for $30 12 Aug

D-Orbit cancels SPAC merger plan - SpaceNews 14 Aug

10 blockchain startups to watch 14 Aug

Class of 2020 Celebrates Long-Awaited Commencement 09 Aug

Justice for Workers 15 Aug

New research using stable isotopes sheds light on how New Zealand's diverse range of toothed whales and dolphins coexist 09 Aug

The experimental observation of long-lived phantom helix states in Heisenberg quantum magnets 10 Aug

UN resuming talks on high-seas treaty amid growing concerns 15 Aug

Jungle Training 15 Aug

South Korea investigates Apple and Google over new in-app payment law 10 Aug

How global COVID-19 pandemic restrictions shed light on the relationship between transport and air pollution 10 Aug

Northern Strike returns to Alpena CRTC, continues decade-long support for National Defense 09 Aug

U.S. Coast Guard participating in Operation Island Chief, Operation Blue Pacific 2022 12 Aug

Revealing the interactions between ABA and ethylene signaling during tomato fruit ripening 15 Aug

Drones carrying parcels found to use much less energy per parcel than diesel trucks 09 Aug

Q-CTRL introduces quantum sensing division to meet market demands - Research & Development World 09 Aug

Research claims driverless tech still too easy to trick - Urgent Comms 09 Aug

Transcard Integrates its Industry First SMART Hub Payment Portal with QuickBooks Online 10 Aug

Automated Vehicle Safety Consortium Launches Best Practice for Interactions Between Automated Driving System-Dedicated Vehicles and Vulnerable Road Users 10 Aug

Men are seen as less intimidating when holding small dog than alone 09 Aug

Who Sploots? 10 Aug

California plans to boost water supply as drought bites 12 Aug

III MEF hosts first EVO/EVOI course for MCB Hawaii 11 Aug

Doc Jargon: Documentary left parent seeing stars 14 Aug

Synapses as a model: Solid-state memory in neuromorphic circuits 15 Aug

As China, Taiwan Tensions Flare, US Faces Shrinking Window to Deter Conflict 09 Aug

13 killed in Russian strikes near nuclear plant | DefenceTalk 10 Aug

AdventHealth to Open First Two Pharmacy Kiosks Locations in Florida 10 Aug

Digital Transformation Can Help the U.S. Military Maintain Tactical Advantage 09 Aug

Global Product Placement Spend Surged 12.3% in 2021, After Worst Decline in Pandemic-Struck 2020; Spend to Grow at Faster 14.3% in 2022, Fueled By Digital, TV, Music 11 Aug

Sensory Supermarket event to help businesses make public spaces more 12 Aug

The US Could See a New 'Extreme Heat Belt' By 2053 - Slashdot 14 Aug

How a False Claim About Wikipedia Sparked a Right-Wing Media Frenzy 11 Aug

SountTube Entertainment Adds Flangeless Grilles for Many SoundTube CM In-Ceiling Speakers 10 Aug

The Search For an AC That Doesn't Destroy the Planet - Slashdot 10 Aug

Most smartwatch makers are playing fast and loose with thickness specs 15 Aug

Secrets of an ancient Chinese recipe for bronze finally deciphered | New Scientist 09 Aug

Building on the moon and Mars? You'll need extraterrestrial cement for that 10 Aug

What's the future of drones in counterterrorism operations and the Ukraine war? 09 Aug

Pure Resonance Audio Announces S10 All-Weather Speaker 10 Aug

Blackmagic Studio Camera 4K Pro and ATEM Mini Extreme ISO Assists Production of The Breakroom Daily Talk Show 11 Aug

Will strong and fast-switching artificial muscle be feasible? 12 Aug

Black Hat 2022: Adapting to the growing cyberthreat landscape - Urgent Comms 14 Aug

All the better to better eat you with: Dinosaurs evolved different eye socket shapes to allow stronger bites 11 Aug

What Do People Who Work in Genetics Think About Gattaca 25 Years After Its Release? 15 Aug

Tracing ancient lineages of pseudoscorpions in the tropical forests of Western India 09 Aug

HHAeXchange Launches New Solution, Expands Partnerships and Services in First Half of 2022 10 Aug

Healthier foods are better for the planet, mammoth study finds 10 Aug

AtlasIED Collabs with Control Concepts on Atmosphere System Capabilities 09 Aug

HashCash to Offer White Label Crypto Exchange Solutions to a Vietnamese Fintech Corporation 11 Aug

iPhone 14 UK release date and specs: Plus what to expect so far 10 Aug

Xiaomi's latest foldable measures just 5.4mm thick in tablet mode 10 Aug

AI-designed camera only records objects of interest while being blind to others 15 Aug

Scientists identify potential bioindicators for monitoring plastic pollution in North Pacific Ocean 16 Aug

Garrison summer hires gain experience for future careers 09 Aug

Episode 59: DARPA Forward 11 Aug

How monsoon winds impact climate change by transporting pollutants into the upper atmosphere 13 Aug

Poliovirus detected in NYC sewage; health officials urge vaccination 13 Aug

Nationwide study shows rise in pregnancy-related complications during COVID-19 pandemic 12 Aug

Fault that no one noticed sprung a destructive surprise 09 Aug

Social media helps scientists monitor rarely sighted whales 12 Aug

Today's D Brief: New post-strike analysis over Crimea; Sweden extradites Turkish man; Latvian PMs call out Russia; And a bit more. 12 Aug

Polio Has Been Detected In New York City Wastewater, Officials Say - Slashdot 11 Aug

US approves Google plan to let political emails bypass Gmail spam filter 13 Aug

Research provides insight on how companies should respond to negative publicity 15 Aug

Simple chemistry can recycle polystyrene into more valuable products | New Scientist 14 Aug

Analyses of heat shock transcription factors and database construction based on whole-genome genes in plants 10 Aug

U.S. Africa Command Special Operations Forces train alongside partners in Malawi 10 Aug

Epidemiologist to Discuss Monkeypox in Online Webinar 12 Aug

Research applies microrobotics in endodontic treatment, diagnostics 09 Aug

Blue Canyon Technologies to build constellation - SpaceNews 09 Aug

Not all streaming services create content equally 11 Aug

The Springfield Armory SA35 a clone of the FN Hi-Power. 11 Aug

These unusual moths migrate over thousands of kilometers. We tracked them to reveal their secret navigational skills 12 Aug

Antarctica's ice shelves could be melting faster than we thought 13 Aug

Wisycom Announces BFL1 RF-over-Fiber Interface 14 Aug

New insight on the regulatory mechanisms underpinning the development of cortical neurons 16 Aug

Russian anti-satellite test was a 'pressing threat' 09 Aug

Every little bit helps 10 Aug

A new method boosts wind farms' energy output, without new equipment 11 Aug

AI + ECG heart trace can accurately predict diabetes and pre-diabetes 10 Aug

Research discovery may help diagnose and treat cancer and brain disorders 10 Aug

Scientists identify a plant molecule that sops up iron-rich heme 11 Aug

Meta can track users through its Facebook and Instagram in-app browsers 12 Aug

Effectiveness of biodiversity conservation in national parks is associated with socioeconomic conditions 15 Aug

What killed tons of fish in European river? Mystery deepens 14 Aug

A novel mechanism of regulation of the oncogenic transcription factor GLI3 by toll-like receptor signaling 10 Aug

How BEAVERS are helping fight the UK drought 09 Aug

Performance life span of workers mapped in new research 10 Aug

Newly described 'solar clock' can precisely predict solar cycle events years in advance 11 Aug

Grapevine breeding programs assisted by genomic prediction 11 Aug

Two 405th AFSB BASOPS Maintenance employees recognized for 80 years combined service 10 Aug

US astronaut Jessica Watkins sets sights on Moon... and Mars 13 Aug

Genetic mapping of tumours reveals how cancers grow | University of 11 Aug

Prepare now for possible winter energy restrictions 11 Aug

81st SBCT Commander Receives ESGR Seven Seals Award 11 Aug

How England's looming drought will hit the country's wildlife hard | New Scientist 09 Aug

How life on land learned to breathe 12 Aug

Discovering a major contributor to Alzheimer's disease 09 Aug

Parallels Desktop 18 for Mac adds ProMotion support 10 Aug

Paper examines role of moral character in physical and mental health 14 Aug

Staff Sgt. Tipps provides care in off-base incident 13 Aug

Which ornamental plants perform best for pollinators? 10 Aug

New AI Facial Recognition and Emotion Detection Solution Powered by Intetics 11 Aug

Is your doctor providing the right treatment? This healthcare AI tool can help 11 Aug

Cornea implant made of pig skin restores sight in visually-impaired 11 Aug

Physicists work out how many moons Earth could have | New Scientist 11 Aug

Raman Spectroscopy: The new standard in compositional analysis of polymers - Research & Development World 11 Aug

US Will Spend $89M To Eradicate Russian Landmines In Ukraine 11 Aug

More than 1 in 4 children hospitalized with COVID-19 or MIS-C have lingering complications more than two months later 12 Aug

Women have three kinds of orgasm - a wave, an avalanche and a volcano 09 Aug

RapidScale, a Cox Business Company, Hires Ryan Carillo as Cloud Solutions Consultant for Pennsylvania 10 Aug

Remcom Broadens Capabilities Of Schematic Editor To Support Diplex Matched Antennas In XFdtd EM Simulation Software 11 Aug

Portable cancer testing expands in sub-Saharan Africa | Cornell Chronicle 10 Aug

Central Payments Closes $30 Million Growth Equity Raise 12 Aug

Northeastern farmers face new challenges with severe drought 15 Aug

Perseid meteor shower to light up the night sky TONIGHT 12 Aug

Scientists clarify how best known superconductor works 15 Aug

Drought: Why some UK trees are losing their leaves in August 15 Aug

Massachusetts National Guard Soldiers conduct joint law enforcement training during NS-22 14 Aug

General Atomics Scientists Leverage DOE Supercomputers to Advance Fusion Energy 10 Aug

Brazil farmers bet on environmentally friendly cotton 11 Aug

Xpressdocs Recognized for Content Personalization Innovation in 2022 MarTech Breakthrough Awards Program 11 Aug

Intelsat and OneWeb to provide multi-orbit inflight connectivity - SpaceNews 11 Aug

Using a magnetic field to remotely control the air-water interface 10 Aug

Angie Zhang and Daniel Mayper selected for Aviation Week 20 Twenties Recognition 10 Aug

Duluth leaves its mark on PSAB 10 Aug

Deep earthquakes suggest well-hydrated Mariana subduction zone 10 Aug

Corps of Engineers begins Line 5 tunnel EIS scoping process 14 Aug

From the archive: a tribute to Graham Bell, and a description of a whale 09 Aug

Scientists provide new insights into flowering dates in Prunus species 11 Aug

AI that detects brain defects could help cure hard-to-spot epilepsy 11 Aug

What You Need to Know About Kids and Monkeypox 13 Aug

Teacher Wallet & Open Credential Publisher Awarded Learning and Employment Record (LER) Inclusive Design: Product Certification 15 Aug

Navy Moving Ahead on Combining Gear Fix on Freedom Littoral Combat Ships Marked for Decommissioning - USNI News 15 Aug

405th AFSB command team conducts battlefield circulation site visit to Bavaria 10 Aug

Listen to the call: Scientists recreate the song of a 150-year-old insect that could help rediscover its species 11 Aug

For 20 years, Harvard Kennedy School has been training LGBTQ leaders in state and local government 14 Aug

We need a new narrative about nuclear power 14 Aug

Black Hat 2022 reveals enterprise security trends 15 Aug

Going deep: New ground motion model more accurately simulates earthquakes, explosions 10 Aug

New study reveals computation-guided approach to suppressing cancer tumor growth 11 Aug

Kayhan updates Pathfinder spaceflight safety platform - SpaceNews 10 Aug

175th Wing Conducts First-of-its-kind Mission Assurance Exercise 11 Aug Redesigns Website, Transitioning the Classic Shaving Site from Shopify to Wordpress 14 Aug

'Potentially hazardous' asteroid will zip past Earth tomorrow 11 Aug

Delays in contact tracing impeded early COVID-19 containment 15 Aug

Single clinical test provides more answers about COVID 10 Aug

How bacteria defuse hypothiocyanite, an antimicrobial weapon of the innate immune system 11 Aug

Rocket launch to image supernova remnant 11 Aug

CENTCOM Launches Competition For Innovation from Troops 12 Aug

Nanomaterials pave the way for the next computing generation 10 Aug

George H.W. Bush Carrier Strike Group Deploys, Set to Relieve Harry S. Truman Strike Group in Europe - USNI News 10 Aug

Scientists identify pathway to curb spread of brain cancer 10 Aug

The RTX 4080 and RTX 4070 could be less power hungry than first thought 10 Aug

Pfc. Weiss Begins His Adventure in Southern France 14 Aug

New study shows that aging neutralizes sex differences in the brain 10 Aug

Working hand in hand, operating as one: 405th EAES conduct coalition exercise 10 Aug

Industry-Leading Crash Detection at Ultra-Low Speeds Continues Innovation, as Sfara Enters Crash Week 15 Aug

White House Sending Key Air Defense System Ammunition To Ukraine 09 Aug

Local Insight Realty Partners With Side, Gaining the Tools To Take Its Services Further 12 Aug

Faint distant galaxies spotted by JWST may be closer than they appear | New Scientist 14 Aug

Protein that detects light may play a role in the origin and progression of melanoma, study suggests 10 Aug

Stage Marketing Promotes Lathum Nelson to Chief Executive Officer 11 Aug

Losing parts of our voice box may have helped humans evolve to speak | New Scientist 10 Aug

Researchers find medicine for asthma and eczema helps COVID patients 11 Aug

Firefighters battle blazes in southeast France 14 Aug

Fears of AI sentience are a distraction 14 Aug

Zephyr solar-powered drone smashes record with 2-month-long flight | New Scientist 14 Aug

Synthetic genetic circuits could help plants adapt to climate change 11 Aug

Rewind Expands Cloud Backup Solution Portfolio with Backups for Confluence 15 Aug

Northern Lightning: 58th AMU aircraft fuel systems maintainers keep F-35s flying 14 Aug

Alcohol use can alter gut microbes, but not in the way you might think 11 Aug

Meet the man trying to save this 'stupid little fish' and see why he thinks it's important 11 Aug

Fort McCoy ArtiFACT: Horse bridle rosettes 11 Aug

RapidScale, a Cox Business Company, Hires Samantha Wojenski as Senior Director of Client Experience 11 Aug

Letterkenny Army Depot hosts AMCOM symposium focused on OIB modernization 10 Aug

Desktop CPU sales see biggest decline in 30 years as AMD gains market share 12 Aug

At least one analyst believes Intel should shut down or sell off its GPU division 12 Aug

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices PenFed Realty Welcomes Top Ashburn Real Estate Team 12 Aug

B-52 Lands In Maine After 29 Years 13 Aug

Nature's Take: what's next for the preprint revolution 15 Aug

Preventive HIV drug shows urgent need for transparency on pricing 09 Aug

New analysis shows how sulfur clouds can form in Venus' atmosphere 10 Aug

Saiga antelopes have increased 10-fold after mass die-off in 2015 | New Scientist 11 Aug

Quantum computer made of 6 super-sized atoms could imitate the brain | New Scientist 12 Aug

Why conversational AI needs to feel more human, not sound more human 13 Aug

Shark or Orca: Which Should You Fear More? 15 Aug

MakeShift Secures SOC 2 Type II Compliance, Reinforcing Commitment to Provide Clients Enterprise-Level Data Security 15 Aug

Princeton TMX Named 2022 Top Food Chain Technology by Food Chain Digest 15 Aug

Lytho Recognized in New Research Report on Marketing Resource Management 15 Aug

CAYIN Digital Signage Proves to be the Go-to Marketing Solution Across Industries 15 Aug

Report: 84% of online shoppers say personalization influences their purchases 15 Aug

When will the UK take another giant leap into space? 14 Aug

People with half a brain removed do well at face and word recognition | New Scientist 14 Aug

Extron Adds Two New Size Options for SB 33A Adjustable Width Sound Bar 14 Aug

Engineering circular ribonucleic acids (circRNAs) for improved protein production 15 Aug

Moove Launches In 3 Cities Across India, Targets 5,000 EVs Within The First Year 09 Aug

Researchers create most realistic computer models of brain cells 09 Aug

Scientists offer blueprint for sustainable redesign of food systems 09 Aug

Underwater robot scans seabed to seek out the most harmful pollution | New Scientist 09 Aug Ranks No. 378 on the 2022 Inc. 5000 Annual List 10 Aug

Recent studies find previously unknown loss of Antarctic ice 11 Aug

Safety changes coming for Charlevoix South Pier 10 Aug

Selfless service makes our National Guard great 10 Aug

Climate change is making hundreds of diseases much worse 12 Aug

An ultrafast and highly performing nonlinear splitter based on lithium niobate 12 Aug

SEAC visits U.S. service members and Central American partners in Honduras 11 Aug

Anuvu buys Signal Mountain Networks to expand government business - SpaceNews 11 Aug

New Louisville District Deputy Commander receives a fast-paced welcome 12 Aug

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