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Machine learning generates 3D model from 2D pictures 19 Sep

How many ants are there on Earth? 19 Sep

Statistical analysis aims to solve Greek volcano mystery 21 Sep

Scientists find evidence for food insecurity driving international conflict 2,000 years ago 22 Sep

In NYC, a Bronx Cheer for Putin, Trump, and the Aging UN 23 Sep

San Francisco has fewer pretrial detainees in jail. But at what cost? 23 Sep

Take-Two floods internet with copyright strikes following GTA 6 leak, blames "network intrusion" 19 Sep

Idaho Soldiers conduct intense training before overseas deployment 18 Sep

New Home Sales Increased In August But Continue To Decline Year-Over-Year, Down 26.1% 22 Sep

SECDEF Austin Names Rear Adm. John Wade to Lead Red Hill Task Force - USNI News 19 Sep

New study explains the link between diabetes and urinary tract infections 20 Sep

transcosmos signs an official partnership agreement with RYUKYU GOLDEN KINGS, a professional basketball team in the B. League 22 Sep

VP10 Awarded CNO Aviation Safety Award 22 Sep

Little rodent, big appetite: Researchers identify the dietary impacts of invasive mice on the Farallon Islands 22 Sep

NASA will intentionally crash a spacecraft into an asteroid on MONDAY 22 Sep

NY Air Guard sends 60 personnel, 5 aircraft to South African Airshow 19 Sep

Universal Scene Description: The HTML of the metaverse 21 Sep

New research gives potential for more accurate methamphetamine detection 20 Sep

Samsung announces new rugged smartphone, tablet with 5G support - Urgent Comms 22 Sep

ButterflyMX Partners with RemoteLock, Enabling Integrations with 80+ Top Smart Lock Models 20 Sep

Energy crisis: How the EU hopes to tackle high power prices while protecting its cross-border electricity market 21 Sep

6 videos/6 questions: Meet fall 2022 Teiger Mentor in the Arts Emilio Rojas | Cornell Chronicle 20 Sep

Dartmouth Gathers to Grieve and Offer Support 22 Sep

Analyzing the structural microdiversity of lake bacterioplankton genomes 22 Sep

Researchers answer fundamental question of quantum physics 23 Sep

What is fracking? MailOnline answers your key questions 22 Sep

Rattled Taiwan hit by more aftershocks 19 Sep

2022 SaaS Awards Shortlist Winners Announced by APPEALIE 19 Sep

Quantum light source advances bio-imaging clarity 19 Sep

Barix Adds Upgrades to IP Audio Decoder and Amplifier Family 19 Sep

Brown carbon from aromatic pollutants is emitted during combustion and wildfires 22 Sep

Cell Rover: Exploring and augmenting the inner world of a cell 22 Sep

Optoma Adds a Short-Throw, Low-Latency, True 4K UHD Home and Gaming Projector 21 Sep

Announcing the FLOW-3D 2022R2 Product Family Release: A Unified Solver Offers Performance, Flexibility and Ease-of-Use 19 Sep

Leading the Innocence Project 20 Sep

Tulsa and Kansas City Districts come together to share water safety message 21 Sep

Photo Essay: Construction of $11.96 million transient training brigade headquarters at Fort McCoy 17 Sep

James Webb Space Telescope snaps photo of Neptune's rings 21 Sep

Planet shares information on Tanager hyperspectral constellation - SpaceNews 18 Sep

Radio halo in galaxy cluster Abell 2256 investigated in detail 20 Sep

China to launch space tourism by 2025, says industry veteran 19 Sep

Fiona, now a Category Three hurricane, reaches Turks and Caicos 20 Sep

Watch out for phishing emails from 2K Games Support, it was hacked 21 Sep

Astronomers trace fireball in Earth's skies to space rock that made it | New Scientist 21 Sep

Today's D Brief: Putin calls up 300k troops; Biden's nuclear warning; USN, Canada sail through Taiwan Strait; Iran protests spread; And a bit more. 22 Sep

Autumn has finally arrived! September Equinox is TODAY 22 Sep

Report to Congress on Military, Intelligence Issues on Russian Invasion of Ukraine - USNI News 20 Sep

Idaho a step closer to having largest research dairy in US 20 Sep

Atarraya Selects Indiana for First US Large-Scale, Sustainable Shrimp Farm 21 Sep

Hanwha Techwin Develops New Video Embedded EHR Remote Sitter Integration 23 Sep

Kajeet Launches Cellular IoT Module Initiative Accelerating Speed to Market for Device Manufacturers 21 Sep

Steve Greenfield Joins RunBuggy Advisory Board as Strategic Advisor 21 Sep

USS Farragut (DDG 99) Arrives in Djen, Djen, Algeria 17 Sep

Japanese boffins build solar-powered cyborg cockroach 21 Sep

USAF: One Airman's American Dream 21 Sep

Evacuation warnings after typhoon makes landfall in Japan 19 Sep

Grants and hiring: will impact factors and h-indices be scrapped? 19 Sep

Compact electron accelerator reaches new speeds with nothing but light 20 Sep

Chinese Fleet Expansion Pushing U.S. Navy to Catch Up on Maintenance - USNI News 20 Sep

The record-setting DDoSes keep coming, with no end in sight 21 Sep

Nuclear shift: North Korean nuke law reflects global trend | DefenceTalk 22 Sep

Todd Miner Law Helped Raise $83,207 for The 2022 Back-To-School Drive to Help Central Florida Students Succeed 19 Sep

New eDNA method opens doors for environmental research 23 Sep

An AI message decoder based on bacterial growth patterns 23 Sep

Food crisis driven by Ukraine war could put wild lands to the plough 19 Sep

Kiwi Farms has been breached; assume passwords and emails have been leaked 19 Sep

Resonance Raman scattering provides new ways for high-sensitivity temperature probing 21 Sep

How Libraries Became Refuges for People With Mental Illness 22 Sep

Massive GTA 6 leak with over 90 videos & screenshots posted online by the Uber hacker 18 Sep

Evalueserve Recognized for Diversity and Inclusion by the Government of Chile 20 Sep

Pakistan's floods are a disaster, but they didn't have to be 21 Sep

New studies show telemedicine is effective, doesn't reduce access to care 21 Sep

Army Strong: Longtime Fort McCoy wildlife biologist shares 32 years of natural resources, wildlife management experience 22 Sep

How can infants learn about sounds in their native language? 19 Sep

Carrier Strike Group 5 Hosts JMSDF Liaison Officers 19 Sep

Wearables remain in a slump as global market continues to face lingering challenges 20 Sep

The origins of medulloblastoma tumours in humans 21 Sep

Sperm move in packs like cyclists to push through thick vaginal fluid | New Scientist 21 Sep

Centric Foundation Announces Listing on BankSocial Exchange, Enabling Centric Swap (CNS) Purchases With Credit / Debit Card 22 Sep

Higher temperatures make it difficult for fig tree pollinators 23 Sep

Planetary-scale 'heat wave' discovered in Jupiter's atmosphere 24 Sep

Trial Begins for Alleged Bonhomme Richard Arsonist - USNI News 19 Sep

Proposed federal abortion ban evokes 19th-century law so unpopular it triggered the backlash that led to Roe 20 Sep

US Soldiers Provide Telemaintenance as Ukrainians MacGyver Their Weapons 20 Sep

New study finds that natural gas leaked from interstate pipelines contains hazardous air pollutants and carcinogens 21 Sep

Japan Engineer District brings 21st Century Schooling to Sasebo 20 Sep

Army Outreach Virtual Event: Hispanic Heritage Month 23 Sep

NASA gears up to deflect asteroid, in key test of planetary defense 24 Sep

DART spacecraft to hit asteroid in deflection experiment 23 Sep

Revealing spacecraft geometry effects on impact simulations for NASA's DART mission 21 Sep

Scientists Develop Cheap Batteries From Earth-Abundant Materials 21 Sep

Intuit and Qvinci Products Are Now Available In One Powerful Single-Sourced, Cost-Effective Package 23 Sep

Neoliberals are most receptive to political tricks, study finds 23 Sep

Face recognition technology for pigs could improve welfare on farms | New Scientist 19 Sep

CatalystSoldierInnovationPlatformVideo 21 Sep

GUIDEcx Named as a Winner in Two Categories of the 2022 SaaS Awards 22 Sep

War Is No Reason to Put Arms-Control Negotiations on Hold 22 Sep

Fortified Bermuda braces for powerful Hurricane Fiona 23 Sep

How disclosing advertising spending can reduce investor and analyst uncertainty and possibly enhance firms' valuations 21 Sep

Navy to Add 225 Prevention Workers in Pentagon-Wide Effort to Stem Sexual Assault - USNI News 22 Sep

New Vehicle Service and Parts Coupons Available Now at Glendale Nissan 23 Sep

Jenna Wagner, TEKLYNX Global Marketing Director, Wins 2022 Women in Supply Chain Award by Supply & Demand Chain Executive 19 Sep

Small craters add up to wandering poles on moon, NASA study finds 20 Sep

Sea turtles swim easier as poaching declines 20 Sep

UN chief asks wealthy nations to impose windfall taxes on fossil fuel industry 21 Sep

Through mentorship, a deeper understanding of brain cancer metabolism grows 21 Sep

Presidio of Monterey helps community prepare for emergencies 22 Sep

Lynk Global gets first commercial satellite direct-to-cell operating license - SpaceNews 18 Sep

Space Force shifting resources to intelligence and cybersecurity - SpaceNews 18 Sep

Lanny Schindelmeiser appointed as VP Operations, North America for Sterling Global Aviation Logistics 20 Sep

The Windows 11 22H2 update is killing Nvidia gaming performance, causing BSOD for some users 23 Sep

Poets, Scholars to Explore the Legacy of Robert Hayden 19 Sep

SAIC to build small satellites with startup Rogue Space - SpaceNews 19 Sep

YEYIAN Gaming launch SIGURD series 2503 Curve Gaming Monitor delivers an immersive gaming experience with hardcore gaming features 21 Sep

Data analytics engineer: Defining the role and skill requirements 23 Sep

The new Sig Sauer MCX Spear LT chambered in 5.56! 18 Sep

Netgear's USB adapter adds plug-and-play Wi-Fi 6E to PCs 23 Sep

Automated Business Designs, Developers of Ultra-Staff EDGE Staffing Software, Celebrates 40 Years of Innovative Technology Brought to Staffing Companies 20 Sep

Conspiracy theories are dangerous even if very few people believe them 20 Sep

ZorroSign Opens Office at Thunderbird School of Global Management at Arizona State University 22 Sep

Resistance-breathing training found to lower blood pressure 23 Sep

This card could let users stream PC games to the Nintendo Switch 20 Sep

Nvidia moves Hopper GPUs for AI into full production 20 Sep

$35M fine for Morgan Stanley after unencrypted, unwiped hard drives are auctioned 20 Sep

CobbleStone Software Releases a New Case Study Featuring the Roaring Fork Transportation Authority (RFTA) 19 Sep

Heart medication shows potential as treatment for alcohol use disorder 20 Sep

NATO Readies Strategy To Steer Use Of Autonomy 20 Sep

GeForce Beyond: watch Nvidia unveil the RTX 4000-series graphics cards here at 8am PT / 11am ET 20 Sep

International Naval Forces Partner in Seychelles to Build Cooperation 17 Sep

Picotesla magnetometry of microwave fields with diamond sensors 20 Sep

Fort Drum's DoD STARBASE Academy ribbon-cutting ceremony recognizes new STEM initiative for students 17 Sep

Nvidia launches Omniverse cloud services in 100 countries to power the metaverse 20 Sep

Multifunctional porous conductive membranes help microbes eat their way to a faster carbon dioxide conversion 20 Sep

Studies showcase long-term effects of drought 21 Sep

Axiom Space to fly Saudi astronauts - SpaceNews 22 Sep

Saints Row owner is disappointed by its reception, but the series isn't being killed off 22 Sep

Experiences of racism must form part of evaluation of long-term impact of coronavirus social distancing, experts say 23 Sep

GrandCare Systems Announces Features to Address Staffing Shortages, Hosts Complimentary Assistive Tech Implementation Webinar 19 Sep

Several common houseplants found to be toxic to children and pets 21 Sep

Atyeti honored 8th time to Inc 5000 list of America's Fasted- Growing Private Companies 19 Sep

DARPA NOM4D for Robust on-orbit or in-Space Manufacturing by building large structures on orbit and moon - International Defense Security & Technology 20 Sep

Antarctica's Pine Island Ice Shelf more vulnerable than thought 20 Sep

Constraining the nucleon size with relativistic nuclear collisions 22 Sep

Starlink speeds dip as more people flock to the satellite Internet service 21 Sep

Epson Adds New Home Cinema 3-Chip 3LCD Smart Gaming Projector 22 Sep

MRF-D 22 Tests EABO Concepts on South Pacific Island 17 Sep

Leveraging AI to Improve the Financial, Operational and Scientific ROI of Clinical Research, Upcoming Webinar Hosted by Xtalks 19 Sep

New method for measuring high energy density plasmas and facilitating inertial confinement fusion 19 Sep

AI software helps bust image fraud in academic papers 19 Sep

How FIFA Graphics & Gameplay Are Evolving (1993 - 2023) | WIRED 20 Sep

Fish can help in the search for multiple sclerosis drugs 21 Sep

Seafood carbon footprint, malaria vaccine and a US health chief 21 Sep

Procedural Issue Contaminated Fresh Water System With Jet Fuel on USS Nimitz - USNI News 21 Sep

"Voices from DARPA" Podcast, Episode 60: The Neuroethicist 22 Sep

Today's D Brief: Putin's wartime recruiting goes into overdrive; 'Sham' annexation votes begin; Jet-ski robots for the Pentagon; ISIS attack thwarted; And a bit more. 23 Sep

Researchers transplant the RNA editing machine of moss into human cells 19 Sep

U.S. Carrier Reagan to Visit Busan, Drill with South Korean Navy as Tensions with North Korea Increase - USNI News 19 Sep

Tonga volcano blast was unusual, could even warm the Earth 22 Sep

Alaska's newest lakes are belching methane 23 Sep

ALOM Leaders Holly Tran and Taylor Houser Receive Women in Supply Chain Award from Supply & Demand Chain Executive 19 Sep

NASA is ready to knock an asteroid off course with its DART spacecraft | New Scientist 19 Sep

Shutting down backup genes leads to cancer remission in mice 21 Sep

Men with big penises are seen as more extroverted, study finds 21 Sep

Coral genome reveals cysteine surprise 23 Sep

Plan to cut Ethereum energy use sees miners switch cryptocurrencies | New Scientist 19 Sep

Tr3Dent CEO Brings Digital Transformation Planning Expertise to Catalyst Awards at Digital Transformation World 2022 22 Sep

Autonomous Delivery Vehicle Innovator Clevon Expands Global Operations to North America 22 Sep

Shape-shifting fat cells fuel breast cancer growth 23 Sep

Apple has released a fix for the iPhone 14 Pro camera shake glitch 22 Sep

Air pollution can amplify negative effects of climate change, new study finds 23 Sep

Tech industry professionals are paying up to $120,000 to have their legs lengthened 20 Sep

Researchers find new sugar substitutes in citrus that could change food and beverage industry 20 Sep

Always Defer to Expertise 20 Sep

Makerspace v 6 Original 21 Sep

U.S. Army Soldier Innovation Platform moves Soldier problems to solutions 23 Sep

DuPont debuts Micromax brand for microcircuit and component materials products - Research & Development World 22 Sep

SES considering quantum cryptography satellite system - SpaceNews 22 Sep

What is AI hardware? How GPUs and TPUs give artificial intelligence algorithms a boost 21 Sep

NASA's Juno will perform close flyby of Jupiter's icy moon Europa 23 Sep

Mysterious ripples in the Milky Way were caused by a passing dwarf galaxy 23 Sep

Telehealth Surges in Popularity as Medical Providers Seek Better Tech for Virtual Healthcare 19 Sep

Announcing the Launch of KitConnect, a Design Management System for AEC 19 Sep

Privacy survey shows most people read the T&Cs, would sell their personal data 21 Sep

Swimming nanorobots treat deadly pneumonia in mice 23 Sep

Stories of Hope: After a child's attempt (Part 2) | U.S. Army 23 Sep

Today's D Brief: Navy vet released in Taliban prisoner exchange; NATO's Baltic plans; Biden's Taiwan question, again; UNGA week in NYC; And a bit more. 20 Sep

Pandemic did not weaken student trust in higher education overall 20 Sep

Did life get its start in micaceous clay? 21 Sep

Researcher discovers a muscle that can promote glucose and fat burning to fuel metabolism for hours while sitting 21 Sep

16th Airborne Command and Control Squadron flies final local sortie 21 Sep

Giant magnon spin wave conductance in ultrathin insulators surprises researchers 23 Sep

GA-ASI Continues Work with Conflux in Additive Manufacturing 23 Sep

Scientists identify potential vaccine target for increasingly concerning bacterial strain 19 Sep

How much (DNA) damage can a cancer cell tolerate? 19 Sep

Treating aneurysms with injectable toothpaste-like biomaterials 21 Sep

Deepest scientific ocean drilling sheds light on Japan's next great earthquake 23 Sep

Strong winds hit Bermuda as Hurricane Fiona heads for Canada 24 Sep

Part of the 'refurbishing' process for these crypto miners is to blast GPUs with a pressure washer 23 Sep

Chinese astronauts go on spacewalk from new station 18 Sep

How Instacart is bringing the best of online shopping to grocery stores 19 Sep

This Acrobatic Hunting Trick Is Straight Out of the Spider-Verse 19 Sep

Tech Workers Paying To Get Taller - Slashdot 19 Sep

BIXOLON Adds the Small and Economical SPP-C200 and SPP-C300 to Its Mobile Printers Line-up 21 Sep

Star Citizen crowdfunding reaches half a billion dollars after a decade 22 Sep

Fort Bragg set to host first-ever U.S. Army Best Squad Competition 21 Sep

HealthTalk A.I. Recognized by KLAS With Two Top 20 Awards 20 Sep

Divine intervention: NICU nurse helps fellow pregnant nurse after roadside mishap 19 Sep

405th AFSB commander visits Humanitarian Assistance Program team in Livorno 22 Sep

Cornish castle linked to King Arthur at risk from rising sea levels 22 Sep

Investigational drug for genetic form of ALS improves disease's molecular signs 21 Sep

Vitesse Systems announces investment in expansion of Clinton, MA dip brazing facility 22 Sep

Ancient Maya cities were dangerously contaminated with mercury 23 Sep

iPhone 14 Pro users discover the camera is vibrating and making noises in third-party apps 19 Sep

Catalytic process with lignin could enable 100% sustainable aviation fuel 23 Sep

UBiqube Providing Management and Orchestration Layer for Two TM Forum Catalyst Projects 20 Sep

Corps and its partners celebrate Twin Cities restoration project completion 20 Sep

No, autumn leaves are not changing color later because of climate change 23 Sep

LG releases a 17-inch laptop with an RTX 3050 Ti GPU, DDR5 RAM for $1,600 20 Sep

Big data could help deliver sustainability in Web3 18 Sep

Muddle of the middle: why mid-career scientists feel neglected 21 Sep

How biologists are making fieldwork safer and more equitable 22 Sep

Oregon Guardsman represents 142nd Wing at 2022 Air Force Marathon 22 Sep

SEC fines Morgan Stanley $35 million after exposing customer data on 1,000 auctioned hard drives 21 Sep

GTA 6 leakers may be the target of an FBI investigation 21 Sep

Pigs with gene defect provide new perspectives for the treatment of Alzheimer's 22 Sep

Astronomers detect hot gas bubble swirling around the Milky Way's supermassive black hole 22 Sep

New research reveals relationship between particular brain circuits 23 Sep

Meta continues its slide following Facebook name change as share price nears pandemic low 19 Sep

Scientists estimate there are 20 QUADRILLION ants on Earth 19 Sep

From the atom to natural killer cell: The story of an unexpected protein structure 21 Sep

5 Microsoft 365 New Features Drive Productivity and Engagement 22 Sep

How zero trust can improve mobile security 19 Sep

Improving accuracy of computer vision models, Voxel51 raises $12.5M 21 Sep

Scientists engineer mosquitoes that can't spread malaria 22 Sep

Scientists use modified silk proteins to create new nonstick surfaces 24 Sep

Astrobotic announces plans for lunar power service - SpaceNews 18 Sep

Research team looks to past for insights on future of megafauna 20 Sep

Today's D Brief: Russian officials rush to annex after Ukraine's successes; PsyOps under review; SecAF warns China; Space Force's new song; And a bit more. 20 Sep

Retail Core i9-13900K CPU reviewed, provides impressive performance uplift with power limits disabled 20 Sep

405th AFSB BASOPS Maintenance apprenticeship program helps rejuvenate workforce with fresh perspectives 22 Sep

Leadership Development Program enhances leadership and teambuilding skills 18 Sep

Facebook users are suing Meta for tracking them through a loophole on iOS 23 Sep

Photo Essay: Final exterior grading takes place at fiscal year 2020-funded barracks project at Fort McCoy, Part VI 17 Sep

CYFS launches CodeDAO Web3 Hackathon to Build Web3 Decentralized Applications 21 Sep

The Broadband Turf Wars Are Hurting Rural Communities 19 Sep

YouTube channel shows the canceled LG Rollable phone could have been a foldable rival 21 Sep

Intestinal fortitude: gut coils hold secrets of organ formation | Cornell Chronicle 22 Sep

DARPA Selects Teams to Improve How Scientists Build/Sustain Models, Simulations 22 Sep

Physics Body Concedes Mistakes in Study of Missile Defense 19 Sep

VIPdesk Announces New Partnership With Lassonde Industries Inc. 20 Sep

The last man selling floppy disks says he still receives orders from airlines 21 Sep

The big picture is #modernization! 22 Sep

Charging cars at home at night is not the way to go, study finds 23 Sep

Attacker apparently didn't have to breach a single system to pwn Uber - Urgent Comms 18 Sep

Mysterious soil virus gene seen for first time 20 Sep

Who wants to go to the moon? Europe names astronaut candidates 22 Sep

Extron AV Solutions Help Train and Certify EMT and Paramedic Students at Wake Tech EMS Simulation Suite 22 Sep

Great white shark with GPS tracker 'draws' an incredible SELF-PORTRAIT 22 Sep

FRCE hosts state environmental secretary 18 Sep

Naval Medical Research & Development Enterprise: 2022 MHSRS Wrap Up 18 Sep

Fundamental research improves understanding of new optical materials 21 Sep

4 Ways To Reduce Startup App Development Costs, According To Experts [DesignRush QuickSights] 21 Sep

Asteroid-bashing spacecraft is ready to test an Earth-saving manoeuvre 23 Sep

Global Crypto Exchange PayBito Adds TRX, ALGO, and NEAR to its Asset List 23 Sep

Satellite imaging companies look for growth in data analytics - SpaceNews 18 Sep

Review: Return to Monkey Island is must-play point-and-click brilliance 19 Sep

Twilight of the Tigris: Iraq's mighty river drying up 20 Sep

In-home wireless device tracks disease progression in Parkinson's patients 21 Sep

A new understanding of the neurobiology of impulsivity 21 Sep

Research team creates new magnetic quasiparticle 20 Sep

CIBC Innovation Banking Provides Growth Capital Financing to Userlane 20 Sep

Energy storage materials built from nano-sized molecular blocks 21 Sep

North Korea denies exporting weapons to Russia | DefenceTalk 22 Sep

Brain scans reveal the areas that light up when we look at food | New Scientist 18 Sep

Most big coastal cities have areas sinking faster than sea level rise | New Scientist 18 Sep

Lerer Hippeau Closes Two New Funds Totaling $230M 20 Sep

Apple Music named primary Super Bowl halftime show sponsor in multi-year NFL deal 23 Sep

Titanium alloy gains super strength with a long bake 23 Sep

Report: Ransomware attack frequency and amount demanded down in H1 2022 19 Sep

Killer T cells get better with age, study finds 21 Sep

Proto Receives US Patent for Hologram Device 18 Sep

Monroy IT Services Announces Acquisition by Leading National MSP 21 Sep

Third-party risk: What it is and how CISOs can address it 21 Sep

US installs record solar capacity as prices keep falling 21 Sep

New method allows scientists to determine all the molecules present in the lysosomes of mice 22 Sep

Tesla owner refuses to pay over $21,000 for a new battery, gets locked out of his car 23 Sep

Disrupting Centralized Financial Services in the Metaverse With Neeraj Satija 19 Sep

Global warming could kill many of the tree species that cool cities | New Scientist 18 Sep

Hurricane Fiona hits Dominican Republic after ravaging Puerto Rico 19 Sep

Comcast promises huge boost to cable upload speeds by end of 2023 20 Sep

Common gene variant linked to COVID mortality 21 Sep

Entrepreneurship faculty win grants for course development | Cornell Chronicle 22 Sep

'Dangerous' Typhoon Nanmadol slams into Japan 18 Sep

Army astronaut heads to the stars 20 Sep

SwRI scientist helps identify new evidence for habitability in 19 Sep

Lithium-ion battery material breaks barrier on fast charging 21 Sep

Target Engaged 22 Sep

213th Regional Support Group change of command ceremony 17 Sep

USNI News Fleet and Marine Tracker: Sept. 19, 2022 18 Sep

Bizarre TV show helps people decide whether to get plastic surgery 19 Sep

Earth's algae and moss could survive under the light of another star | New Scientist 20 Sep

NASA requests proposal for second Artemis crewed lunar lander - SpaceNews 17 Sep

Nashville District Park Rangers share water safety with the youth at Dale Hollow Lake Trooper Island 18 Sep

The aviation industry needs to overhaul its response to climate change 20 Sep

Exposure to air pollution may worsen autism-related hospital admissions in children 21 Sep

What beliefs shape our minds? | Penn Today 20 Sep

A smartphone's camera and flash could help people measure blood oxygen levels at home 19 Sep

Observations in macaques provide new insights into how mothers form attachments to their newborns 19 Sep

Report: 25% of S&P 500 have SSO credentials exposed on dark web 21 Sep

iPhone 14 and 14 Pro review: A picture is worth a thousand dollars 21 Sep

Foundation Laid; Partnership Forged 22 Sep

Nabr Network Delivers New Community Engagement and Business Optimization Enhancements 20 Sep

Microsoft rolls out Windows 11 22H2 update with new Start menu, gaming, and security features 21 Sep

Activision publishes Modern Warfare II open beta system requirements 22 Sep

Plant resources threatened by pests and diseases 21 Sep

NASA's DART spacecraft nudges small asteroid to test deflection method 22 Sep

Fourth SARS-CoV-2 vaccination also protects cancer patients 23 Sep

U.S. Army Pathfinder develops innovation makerspace facilities for Soldiers 23 Sep

Suicide Prevention Training | Ask, Care, Escort 19 Sep

NAVFAC Washington Awards Contract Repair Seawalls at U.S. Naval Academy 18 Sep

Drilling of Geothermal Test Wells to Begin Next Week 20 Sep

Center of the Coma cluster explored with AstroSat 21 Sep

Marines Clear ACVs to Return to Open Water with Restrictions - USNI News 22 Sep

General Atomics GAzelle Satellite with Argos-4 Payload Ships to Rocket Lab New Zealand Launch Site 19 Sep

Menstruation animation helps shed light on a touchy topic 20 Sep

Keychron launches V2: 65% QMK customizable mechanical keyboard 21 Sep

New LibreOffice version released on the Mac App Store, for a fee 21 Sep

Task Force Presents Recommendations to Address the Talent Shortage In Aviation And Aerospace to the Federal Aviation Administration 23 Sep

Queen's favourite tree threatened by climate change 19 Sep

Is the 9-5 as we know it officially over? 20 Sep

Defense TechConnect 2022 Innovation Summit & Expo to Feature Senior Leaders from DoD, Federal Agencies, Industry Consortia and the Private Sector 22 Sep

3 Chimpanzees Kidnapped for Ransom From Congo Sanctuary 23 Sep

Biodegradable shoes could help tackle plastic pollution 22 Sep

Calling for Volunteers: Gaize and dicentra Open Participant Enrolment for VR Cannabis Impairment Clinical Trial 19 Sep

OB/GYN access limited at LRMC 18 Sep

386 AEW Airmen demonstrate ability to apply many skillsets, conduct Agile Combat Employment from austere environment 17 Sep

iPhone 14 teardown: One key change makes it much easier to repair 19 Sep

Gazelle Sports Announces Upcoming New Website Brand Refresh and UX with CQL 20 Sep

Crowley and Eastern Pacific Shipping Partner with Long-term Charters for Four LNG-Fueled Containership Newbuilds 19 Sep

Tiny soft robot can split into tinier bits then reassemble after passage through small spaces 19 Sep

BJACH Department of Public Health provides tips on Safe Sex 18 Sep

WR-ALC master sergeant receives USAF First Sergeant of the Year 21 Sep

Kang-Kuen Ni wins 2023 New Horizons in Physics Prize 24 Sep

Scientists are slathering reefs with antibiotics to stop coral disease | New Scientist 22 Sep

Maj. Gen. Davis wishes Cadet Command farewell 18 Sep

Using AI to identify genomic tradeoffs between types of mutations 20 Sep

GA-ASI Creates Additive Design and Manufacturing Center of Excellence 21 Sep

Chronic fatigue syndrome linked to almost 200 genetic variants | New Scientist 22 Sep

Alien-Hunting Astronomer Says There May Be a Second Interstellar Object On Earth In New Study - Slashdot 23 Sep

Three new species of ground snakes discovered under graveyards and churches in Ecuador 19 Sep

Lanthanide doping could help with new imaging techniques 19 Sep

Wearable sensor detects miniscule growth of tumours under the skin 20 Sep

How the Australian ant-slayer spider captures ants 20 Sep

Nvidia expands edge AI tech for healthcare and robotics 20 Sep

PPDS Adds Elise Hardouin and Romain Gentile 21 Sep

Sextant Marketing Completes SOC 2 , Type 2 Review, Gold Standard for Data Security 19 Sep

On environmental issues, the city-country divide in Switzerland is smaller than often assumed 21 Sep

Tiny animal hairs could act as sensitive compass needles 21 Sep

Will AI inspire a new M&M? How artificial intelligence is reshaping Mars 22 Sep

Fighting fungal infections with metals 23 Sep

SwRI celebrates 75 years of service to humankind 19 Sep

N.J. National Guard Teams Up With U.S. Army SFAB To Support Albanian NATO CREVAL 18 Sep

Apple is top funder of lobby group that says it represents small developers 19 Sep

Physicists found the shortest measurement to collapse a quantum state | New Scientist 21 Sep

L3Harris to Convert Embraer KC-390s for Aerial Refueling 19 Sep

AFA Conference Wire: Modernize Now, Leaders Warn 20 Sep

Prancer Enterprise announces today the release of the Zero Trust Security Validation Service offering 21 Sep

Hot gas bubble is detected around Milky Way's supermassive black hole 21 Sep

GAO Report on Information Threats to National Security - USNI News 23 Sep

The DeanBeat: Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang says AI will auto-populate the 3D imagery of the metaverse 23 Sep

DOWSIL Immersion Cooling Technology improves data centers' sustainability and efficiency - Research & Development World 20 Sep

Climate change may impact marine environments more than anything else 20 Sep

How global warming affects astronomical observations 22 Sep

Maarten Schmidt, First Astronomer to Identify a Quasar, Dies at 92 - Slashdot 22 Sep

Ethics in action 18 Sep

India's history of monsoon droughts revealed by stalagmites and historical documentary sources 19 Sep

New endoscope uses bendable GRIN lens for 3D microscopy 21 Sep

Lab grows macroscale, modular materials from bacteria 23 Sep

Sig SLX 556 QD silencer on the new Sig SPEAR LT rifle. 23 Sep

Private industry aims to fill demand for space threat intelligence - SpaceNews 17 Sep

GA-ASI To Open New Secure Advanced Manufacturing Facility In 2023 20 Sep

Do trucks mean Trump? AI shows how humans misjudge images | Cornell Chronicle 19 Sep

Decarbonising the shipping industry will cost more than $1 trillion | New Scientist 21 Sep

Appcast to Share Expert Insight to Help Recruiters Navigate Rising Economic Pressures for Seasonal Hiring During Live Webinar 19 Sep

'Admissions Beat' Podcast Returns for New Season 20 Sep

The U.S. Military Is Buying Electric Jet-ski Robots 23 Sep

Department of Defense Awards American Computer Development, Inc. (ACDi) Aircraft and Ground Subsystem Build-to-Print Cables/Harnesses Multiple Award Contract 21 Sep

App for the pre-k set promotes healthy eating, exercise | Cornell Chronicle 20 Sep

Warming oceans are changing Australian reef fish populations 22 Sep

Editorial: EFMP legal ins and outs to back to school 21 Sep

Artificial intelligence spots pests in trail cams, and tracks indigenous plants from orbit 20 Sep

USS Higgins Joins Canadian Warship to Transit Taiwan Strait - USNI News 19 Sep

A Gnarly New Theory About Saturn's Rings - Slashdot 19 Sep

Women Impact Tech Recognizes Significant Women in the Tech Industry with Inaugural Women of Impact Award 23 Sep

USS Charleston participates in Exercise Kakadu 2022 23 Sep

Mangata seeks permission to connect UK user terminals - SpaceNews 21 Sep

Molecular changes in the brain in aftermath of traumatic event may help explain long-term susceptibility or resilience 20 Sep

The carp virus that taught researchers about immunology 23 Sep

NASA's Mars Perseverance Rover Detects Intriguing Organic Matter in Rock - Slashdot 17 Sep

Plant-based hot foam kills weeds as effectively as chemical spray | New Scientist 18 Sep

The Summer Bay is Dead in the Water! | Deadliest Catch 21 Sep

Shy Raccoons Are Better Learners Than Bold Ones, Study Finds 22 Sep

Alaskans assess damage as powerful storm rumbles north 18 Sep

Stat AV Is Changing the Integration Game 18 Sep

Russia Increasing Aggression Over Syria As Ukraine Losses Mount 20 Sep

The Mangat Group Launches The Satluj Network, News App Delivering Inspirational Stories for TV and Internet 21 Sep

Neural network speeds holographic image reconstruction for biological samples 22 Sep

U.S.-based leader in facilities management services, OpenWorks goes live on Ramco ERP 23 Sep

Got rhythm? Male rock hyraxes that keep the beat have breeding success 20 Sep

Cleaner water linked with smaller cockles that die younger 22 Sep

An Upcoming Segment of Advancements will Explore Developments in Artificial Intelligence 22 Sep

Researchers uncover how to 3D-print one of the strongest stainless steels 22 Sep

Fort McCoy observes 2022 National Hispanic Heritage Month with special event 22 Sep

The promise of sustainable AI may not outweigh the organizational challenges 19 Sep

Earliest evidence of opium revealed by 3,500-year-old pottery 20 Sep

QMS To Showcase Cinematic XDR LED Video Wall at CEDIA Expo 2022 21 Sep

Meet the Experts: William Schill, LLNL Design Physics Fellow 23 Sep

Bowhead whales live longer thanks to mutation that also shrinks testes | New Scientist 22 Sep

'Crowns of the forest': Indonesian helps orchids bloom again 18 Sep

Stress granules may drive obesity-associated pancreatic cancer 20 Sep

Dreamforce 2022: Salesforce aims to make sustainability accessible with Net Zero Marketplace 20 Sep

Drumming in woodpeckers is neurologically similar to singing in songbirds 20 Sep

FCI Shares a New Model to Improve Commercial Cyber Insurance Loss Ratios at InsureTech Connect, Las Vegas 21 Sep

Shy male albatrosses prefer divorce to confrontation: study 18 Sep Has Reduced The Cost of ezPaycheck To $109.00 To Businesses for a Limited Time 19 Sep

James Webb Space Telescope captures its first pictures of Mars | New Scientist 18 Sep

123Loadboard Integrates with ZUUM Transportation Software to Increase Capacity for ZUUM Users and Expand Their Carrier Base 20 Sep

What the death of a lone Indigenous man in Brazil can tell us about our global future 21 Sep

Logitech builds Android-powered Steam Deck clone for portable cloud gaming 21 Sep

English Heritage calls for help to save castles from coastal erosion 22 Sep

New Report from Virtual Vocations Names Best Remote Companies with High Paying Salaries 20 Sep

GA-ASI Opposes New Chinese Agriculture Project in Grand Forks 20 Sep

Mental anguish and mistreatment are rampant in marine science 23 Sep

Water Found In Asteroid Dust May Offer Clues To Origins of Life On Earth - Slashdot 22 Sep

Setting a drought on fire 22 Sep

Meta told to pay walkie-talkie app $175 million for infringing its patents 22 Sep

NASA studying issue with JWST instrument - SpaceNews 21 Sep

Global Events Rightly Aligned for Mass Crypto Adoption in Latin America: PayBito CEO, Raj Chowdhury 20 Sep

On-The-Move network to increase armored formation survivability, lethality 18 Sep

Researchers identify a variety of chimpanzee stone tools for cracking different nut species 21 Sep

Neptune and Its Rings Come Into Focus With Webb Telescope 21 Sep

How the brain develops: A new way to shed light on cognition 20 Sep

Russian Navy Moving Kilo Attack Boats to Safety from Ukraine Strike Risk, Says U.K. MoD - USNI News 20 Sep

Exertis Almo Announces Full Plans for Fall E4 Shows 18 Sep

Plants can resist climate change challenges and recover from drought by adjusting lignin 'chemical code' 21 Sep

Researchers use rare-earth metals in alloy powders to produce green, eye-catching sparklers 21 Sep

Making butter-like spreads healthier 23 Sep

There are 20,000,000,000,000,000 ants crawling all over Earth | New Scientist 18 Sep

transcosmos becomes a Tokyo-metropolis certified Social Firm 20 Sep

6.8 magnitude earthquake shakes Mexico, 1 dead 22 Sep

It's football season - Army Style! 23 Sep

New research throws doubt on old ideas of how hearing works 23 Sep

Fused Testing Sparks Interest from Engineering, Product and Quality Leaders 21 Sep

Twitter has lost 9% of its 8,200 staffers since Elon Musk takeover bid 20 Sep

Five U.S. Army Soldiers Will Represent Team USA in Shotgun Events at the World Championship in Croatia 20 Sep

Shedding light on the happy hormone 22 Sep

Laser light offers new tool for treating bone cancer 19 Sep

Elusive atmospheric wave detected during Tonga volcanic eruption 19 Sep

Commodore Sloat and His Monument 21 Sep

Project counts down Ariel exoplanet targets 23 Sep

Google logo turns from grey to black ahead of the Queen's funeral 18 Sep

Set a calendar alert: NASA to broadcast first asteroid redirect on Monday 20 Sep

Strengthening Hurricane Fiona heads north toward Bermuda 21 Sep

Photo Essay: 2022 archaeological survey area on Fort McCoy's South Post 21 Sep

Exploring the synergy of westerlies and the monsoon on Mt. Everest, as well as their climatic and environmental effects 20 Sep

Sony Electronics Announces AV Tech Expo 2022 21 Sep

Next Level3 Cybersecurity Solution Achieves SOC 2 Compliance 23 Sep

Unlocking AI at the edge with new tools from Deci 22 Sep

Tunisian 'hanging garden' farms cling on despite drought 18 Sep

Ukraine conflict may hike long-term grain prices 7%: study 19 Sep

Super-resolved coherent Raman spectroscopy with quantum light 21 Sep

Study proves efficacy of nanomaterial-based disinfectant developed to combat COVID-19 spread 22 Sep

6 MDG Airman represents MacDill during Air Force Marathon 22 Sep

After 5 Full-Throttle Years, Kessel Run Is Settling In for the Long Haul 19 Sep

Hey suburbanites, meet the neighbors: Tick-carrying white-tailed deer 19 Sep

Analysts expect another big rate increase this week, in this week's R&D Power Index - Research & Development World 19 Sep

NASA's InSight hears its first meteoroid impacts on Mars 19 Sep

Ocean scientists measure sediment plume stirred up by deep-sea-mining vehicle 22 Sep

Engineering pioneer recounts early days of Air Force acquisitions 21 Sep

MedSitter, a Leading Patient Observation Provider, Appoints Bart Ronan as Chief Financial Officer 23 Sep

AFA Conference Wire: Ukraine & China 19 Sep

Pedestrians could soon alert Ford drivers with a mobile app 20 Sep

Researchers advance CRISPR technology to replicate human diseases with unprecedented accuracy 21 Sep

Destiny 2 cheat maker accuses Bungie of hacking and reverse engineering 22 Sep

James Webb Telescope captures clearest image of Neptune's rings in more than 30 years 21 Sep

CMI Media Group Appoints Rebecca Mills as Executive Vice President 22 Sep

NSIN at Defense Tech Week 18 Sep

Stop Track Tragedies: JBLE promotes rail safety 20 Sep

Artemis Accords signatories hold first meeting - SpaceNews 20 Sep

Saudi Arabia, U.S. Complete International Coalition Exercise 20 Sep

Researchers identify more possible entry points for COVID spike protein 22 Sep

TROY GROUP, Inc. Presented with the Partner Agility Award at HP Partner Conference 23 Sep

Games Industry, Entertainment and Metaverse Communications Guru Jacki Vause Joins ME Ventures Board 22 Sep

Gryphon Digital Mining Announces August Operational Update 20 Sep

Dreamforce 2022: Salesforce debuts Genie CDP to power real-time customer experiences 20 Sep

NMCB-4 Seabees Work on Concrete at NSF Diego Garcia 20 Sep

A Stalwart of the Canadian Tech Sector, Introspect Technology Makes The Globe and Mail's Annual Ranking of Canada's Top Growing Companies for the Third Consecutive Year 23 Sep

Two popular diabetes drugs outperform others in large clinical trial 21 Sep

Smart microrobots walk autonomously with electronic 'brains' 21 Sep

Global Crypto Exchange PayBito Adds EOS, and Avalanche (AVAX) to Its Coin List 22 Sep

The omicron coronavirus variant may protect against flu | New Scientist 18 Sep

How to Hunt Like an Octopus 20 Sep

Your gut microbes may influence how ill you get with malaria | New Scientist 20 Sep

New glow-in-the-dark material can track path of drugs through the human body 22 Sep

The Naval Brief: Sub training; Struggling to recruit; Chatting with the CNO; and more... 23 Sep

The Office of Experience and Znode Announce New Partnership - Multi-channel ecommerce platform and experienced digital agency align to serve enterprises 20 Sep

Insights into two rare types of photosynthesis could boost crop production 20 Sep

COVID-19 associated with increase in new diagnoses of type 1 diabetes in youth, by as much as 72% 23 Sep

Do you want to join the challenge to explore the moon? 23 Sep

Mindray to Reveal Innovative Emergency Medicine Solutions Live at ACEP22 Scientific Assembly 19 Sep

NovelVox Introduces Intuitive Visual IVR for Cisco, Avaya, and Genesys Contact Centers 21 Sep

Waggle Corp Launches Waggle VR Virtual Reality Video Productions 22 Sep

The software supply chain: New threats call for new security measures 22 Sep

Meet Maya! World's first cloned Artic wolf is born in China 22 Sep

Exercise Cartwheel 2022 - Belay Away 17 Sep

MID creates MI-13 to investigate graft and fraud 18 Sep

DoorLoop Announces $20 Million Series A Round Led by ASG 20 Sep

Newly discovered protein connected to Alzheimer's disease risk 21 Sep

Researcher helps identify new evidence for habitability in ocean of Saturn's moon Enceladus 19 Sep

Big gaming companies get DHS help to keep players from becoming terrorists 19 Sep

K-State honors alum, Special Forces Soldier for distinguished Army career in front of packed stadium 18 Sep

Not even soaking rain can ease fire risk in a California hit by record heat, dry landscape 20 Sep

SwRI celebrates 75 years of service to humankind - Research & Development World 20 Sep

New research provides theory on why women stopped menstruating upon arrival at Nazi death camps 20 Sep

Decreasing ad revenue, iOS 14.5 make case for programmatic SEO 21 Sep

Iran unveils new medium-range missile | DefenceTalk 22 Sep

Louisville District, Indiana Silver Jackets educate public about importance of wetlands 22 Sep

7 AI startups aim to give retailers a happy holiday season 23 Sep

GA-ASI Flies Completely Autonomous UAS Flight Using Avenger MQ-20A 19 Sep

Bridging Cultures: A Mexican American doctoral candidate guides students through college life and masculinity 19 Sep

The Taliban is banning PUBG and TikTok in Afghanistan for being violent and immoral 20 Sep

Fearing copyright issues, Getty Images bans AI-generated artwork 21 Sep

Shanghai rocket maker considering developing huge methane-fueled rockets - SpaceNews 17 Sep

WHO raises alarm on disease in flood-hit areas of Pakistan 18 Sep

Lockheed Martin to Produce 12 More MH-60R SEAHAWK Helicopters for the Royal Australian Navy 20 Sep

University of Maryland School of Pharmacy Taps Komodo Health Platform To Power Real-World Evidence Research 21 Sep

3 Questions: Janelle Knox-Hayes on producing renewable energy that communities want 20 Sep

Talk to describe conserving centuries-old Chinese encyclopedia | Cornell Chronicle 21 Sep

Fairer ranking system diversifies search results | Cornell Chronicle 18 Sep

Trustgrid and Level 3 Audiovisual Partner to Elevate Edge AV Performance 21 Sep

LINQ Customers Modernize District Operations with Seamless Cloud-Based ERP Solutions 21 Sep

Student evaluations show bias against female professors 19 Sep

Why you should pay attention to fly vomit 20 Sep

Keypoint Intelligence Announces the Acquisition of Karstedt Partners, LLC 20 Sep

NASA's InSight lander detects the tremors of meteoroids hitting Mars 19 Sep

AMD confirms big power-efficiency gains with RDNA3 GPUs coming November 3 21 Sep

iRobot and Amazon agree to share data with FTC on $1.7B deal 20 Sep

Industry partners use ORNL software to trim carbon footprint of buildings - Research & Development World 23 Sep

A transformative SPARK 24 Sep

Wasp-inspired drones can 3D print a building 21 Sep

Motio, Inc. Delivers Real-Time Version Control for the Cognos Analytics Cloud 22 Sep

What the growth of AIops solutions means for the enterprise 22 Sep

EPA declares Denver, northern Front Range 'severe' violators of air quality standards as state fails to reduce smog 19 Sep

Drought decimates Texas' key cotton crop 20 Sep

MindSpring Appoints Grand Rapids Business Leader as President 22 Sep

Pin-prick blood test identifies immunity to COVID-19 23 Sep

How an effort to reduce fossil fuel use led to another environmental problem: Light pollution 23 Sep

France to increase space spending by 25% - SpaceNews 18 Sep

NVIDIA GTC 2022: Where Imagination Meets Technology 21 Sep

Focal Point Partners with Wonder Services to Accelerate Adoption of its Procurement Orchestration Platform 21 Sep

Capt. Randy Reid Becomes Norfolk Naval Shipyard Deputy Commander 18 Sep

Social media greenwashing by fossil fuel interests 'rampant': study 21 Sep

Report: 84% of U.S. citizens have experienced social engineering attacks 23 Sep

Ramstein introduces VIPER 18 Sep

Soldier gains citizenship and finds purpose helping others in the Army National Guard. 18 Sep

Beware of Queen Elizabeth II phishing scams, warns Kaspersky 18 Sep

Chicago Entrepreneur Launches CARvengers to Help Consumers Find Best Auto Repair 20 Sep

Keeping Strategic Weapons Programs Funded Biggest Threat to U.S. Nuclear Triad, Says Panel - USNI News 20 Sep

Reusable contact lenses more than triple risk of rare preventable eye infection 23 Sep

DesignRush Celebrates The Best Medical Website Design For World Pharmacists Day 23 Sep

How email content automation drives engagement and ROI 23 Sep

Carrier Ronald Reagan Makes Rare South Korean Port Call, Russian Ships Active Near Japan - USNI News 22 Sep

DNA records reveal mass migration from Europe into Anglo-Saxon Britain | New Scientist 20 Sep

Onuu Announces National Launch, Merging Financial and Insurance Products Under One App 23 Sep

Report: 90% of orgs have software security checkpoints in their software development lifecycle (SDLC) 23 Sep

Researchers develop drones that can build structures 22 Sep

Klarman fellow tracks impact of social bonds on animal health | Cornell Chronicle 18 Sep

Team develops a fairer ranking system that diversifies search results 19 Sep

iPhone 14 Pro owners claim the camera physically shakes 18 Sep

Our Yard History: Building M-32 - Marine Barracks & Headquarters 20 Sep

Extra flavor and fraud prevention on the menu for Europe's beer and wine industries 22 Sep

U.S. Army South hosts War College staff for week-long learning opportunity 18 Sep

Medics train for Field Operations While in Garrison 19 Sep

Huge dataset shows 80% of US professors come from just 20% of institutions 21 Sep

3D organoid models identify potential treatment targets for a devastating pediatric kidney disease 21 Sep

How a missing gene leads to super-sensitivity to sound 23 Sep

A dose of oxytocin could reduce the social stress of professional singers during performances 19 Sep

Judge rules Charter must pay $1.1 billion after murder of cable customer 20 Sep

Tyler Falls and Loses the Rope! | Gold Rush #shorts 22 Sep

More than one-tenth of the world's terrestrial genetic diversity may already be lost, study says 22 Sep

Microsoft is expanding in China with more jobs and upgrades despite rising international tensions 23 Sep

The Rust programming language will join the Linux kernel 21 Sep

Hurricane Fiona heads toward Bermuda, US advises citizens to defer travel 22 Sep

A 'fourth dry year' likely in California, officials say 22 Sep

US Weighs Escalation Risk As Ukraine Asks for Longer-range Missiles 19 Sep

Undergrad publishes theory on immune dysfunction in space | Cornell Chronicle 18 Sep

Nvidia announces GeForce RTX 40 series GPUs based on Ada Lovelace architecture 20 Sep

CNO: Navy Is Equipping Ships with a Software Arsenal, Taking Lead on New Destroyer Design 21 Sep

GTC Omniverse panel: The industrial metaverse is coming fast as digital twins take shape 21 Sep

VROMO Joins Toast Partner Ecosystem to Strengthen Restaurant Delivery Capabilities for Thousands of Restaurants Across the US. 19 Sep

Einstein wins again: Space satellite confirms weak equivalence principle 21 Sep

Young Professionals Advisory Council meet with faculty, share career insights with students 22 Sep

Cornell leads expansion of Jicamarca radar observatory | Cornell Chronicle 21 Sep

USAAAD-YTC conducts life-saving rescue near Gilbert Peak 22 Sep

The Importance of Quality in the Informed Consent Process, Upcoming Webinar Hosted by Xtalks 19 Sep

The iPhone 14's easy-to-lift display and back make it the easiest to repair since the iPhone 7 20 Sep

Fort Stewart holds Retiree Appreciation Day 18 Sep

Seven honorees to be awarded W.E.B. Du Bois Medal 21 Sep

First direct evidence that babies react to taste and smell in the womb 21 Sep

Spain grants personhood status to threatened lagoon 21 Sep

Tracking the origin of southern California's latest invasive pest 23 Sep

Rossiter honored for 'writing women back into the history of science' | Cornell Chronicle 18 Sep

Geologists mapped how metal pollutants have traveled across the city 20 Sep

Age-old hidden ecosystem revealed by trail of poo 22 Sep

Truss at UN vows UK military aid 'until Ukraine prevails' | DefenceTalk 22 Sep

Agile Wolf 22: The 435th CRG returns to Poland 20 Sep

Andor first impressions: Star Wars inches toward the best of modern adult TV 21 Sep

Cube Dev Announces Headless BI With Streaming Data Using ksqlDB and Lambda Architecture 22 Sep

Savant Systems Adds New Smart Energy Resources for Homeowners 21 Sep

How the small intestine defends itself against bacteria 23 Sep

Martian dust could be used to 3D-print rocket parts on the Red Planet 18 Sep

After strong interest, VW plans to build 130,000 ID Buzzes a year 19 Sep

III MEF G-1 hosts C3OC proof-of-concept drill 19 Sep

Microsoft commits to updating Windows 11 once per year, and also all the time 20 Sep

These male hummingbirds evolved to be tiny so they can do cool flips | New Scientist 21 Sep

Marlink to offer Starlink to maritime and enterprise customers - SpaceNews 21 Sep

Instagram is developing a tool to prevent unsolicited nude photos 21 Sep

Astrophotographer captures Jupiter looking like a marble in space 22 Sep

Mathematics enable scientists to understand organization within a cell's nucleus 20 Sep

Suicide Prevention Training | 3 Things You Should Know 21 Sep

Four-legged jumping robots to explore the moon 22 Sep

FDRMC, NAVSUP and partners expand maintenance provider base in Africa 21 Sep

Navy Strategic Systems Programs Director Pays Respects to Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 22 Sep

Two HMS Center for Bioethics faculty awarded NIH Grants 19 Sep

AMD CEO plans to negotiate 2nm & 3nm chip supplies with TSMC soon 22 Sep

Fort Drum MPs, local police agencies compete for Top Cop honors 22 Sep

A naturally occurring soil bacterium may provide a solution for 'forever chemicals' 24 Sep

Scientists use zebrafish to understand the connection between the immune system and regeneration 20 Sep

Navy Price Fighters develop additive manufacturing cost, time model 19 Sep

Dinosaurs were already in decline when the asteroid hit, study claims 20 Sep

Researchers use beams of muons to analyze the elemental composition of Asteroid Ryugu samples 22 Sep

Freeman A. Hrabowski III named inaugural Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Commemorative Lecture speaker 22 Sep

Former RevolutionEHR Co-Founder and CTO Jim Schneider Joins RevCycle Partners 21 Sep

SureTest Adds Ten New Clients, including UNC Health, and Renews with Pilot Clients, Novant Health, Southern Illinois Healthcare, and AtlantiCare 21 Sep

TriageLogic Publishes Ebook on How To Create a Successful RPM Program 22 Sep

Detailed insight into friction: How objects start to slide 22 Sep

Defense One Radio, Ep. 109: The short- and mid-term outlook for the U.S. Navy 23 Sep

Soldier Spotlight: Cpl. Taiwain Covington 19 Sep

Too Much Trust in Machine Translation Could Have Deadly Consequences 21 Sep

Driving posture affects electric scooter riders' injuries in accidents 20 Sep

NTSB wants alcohol detection systems installed in all new cars in US 21 Sep

Retired Soldiers Return to Support USMEPCOM 21 Sep

Emo-jional rescue: Researchers create tool to measure the emotion in emojis 23 Sep

Big planets get a head start in pancake-thin nurseries 23 Sep

DNA nets capture COVID-19 virus in low-cost rapid-testing platform 24 Sep

NATO Forges Plans to Surge Forces to Baltics In a Crisis 18 Sep

USAG Rheinland Pfalz soldier recognized as Soldier of the Quarter 21 Sep

How Do Hybrid Workers Affect Collaboration Designs? 18 Sep

Drill Sergeant talks grenade training 20 Sep

Space station gets 3 new residents after Russian launch 22 Sep

Mutation in key molecules could stop gonorrhea infection 23 Sep

Brazil reports more Amazon fires so far this year than all of 2021 19 Sep

Oracle revs to Java 19 for speed and stability 20 Sep

Soldier from Africa wants to shape healthcare for the Army 22 Sep

Robot navigates indoors by tracking anomalies in magnetic fields | New Scientist 22 Sep

Meet the Experts: Andrew Longman, High Energy Density Science Fellow 23 Sep

CASEpeer Legal Software Announces New Partnership With Case Status 24 Sep

New SIG MCX SPEAR LT rifle in 5.56 for civilian market! The little brother to the Sig M5. 19 Sep

Earnin Joins the Financial Health Network 19 Sep

How Tymely aims to improve chatbot conversations 19 Sep

Report: U.S. businesses experience 42 cyberattacks per year 20 Sep

Impakt IQ Launches Industry-Leading ESG Intelligence & Scoring Tool in Deployment Partnership with Accounting & Business-Consulting Firm Sensiba San Filippo 21 Sep

U.S bakery in Europe could not deliver baked goods without veterinary food inspectors 19 Sep

New Zealand peak featured in Lord of the Rings is snapped from space 21 Sep

Sailors Bid Farewell to USS Monterey as Navy Prepares to Decommission 3 More Cruisers This Month - USNI News 19 Sep

Intel announces NUC 12 Enthusiast mini PC and barebones kit 19 Sep

MarqVision Launches MARQ Folio to Make Global Trademark Registration Seamless 21 Sep

New clues about early atmosphere on Mars suggest a wet planet capable of supporting life 21 Sep

White House Announces New Restrictions on Foreign Investment in US Tech, Supply Lines 18 Sep

Fintechs weather the storm: How disruptive technology is driving change 18 Sep

XKCD Author Finds Geeky Ways to Promote His New Book - Slashdot 17 Sep

Researchers determine new method for measuring high energy density plasmas and facilitating inertial confinement fusion 19 Sep

Yodel Pass Introduces Yodel E-Card for Parks and Recreation at NRPA 20 Sep

Apple says it will release a fix for iPhone 14 Pro camera glitch 19 Sep

Parts of many coastal cities are sinking faster than the sea is rising 21 Sep

Exchange Giving Away $15,000 in Electric Bike Prizes in Sweepstakes 20 Sep

Brains on board: Smart microrobots walk autonomously | Cornell Chronicle 20 Sep

Episode 60: The Neuroethicist 21 Sep

RTX 4090 hits 2.85GHz boost clock in Cyberpunk 2077 demo 23 Sep

Bumblebees can be classified as 'fish' under California conservation law, court says 23 Sep

Monday will be the closest Jupiter is to Earth in nearly six decades 23 Sep

Yodel Pass Introduces Yodel Automation for Parking at NPA Convention & Expo in Austin 19 Sep

Siemens and sustamize collaborate to add carbon emissions data to Siemens Xcelerator 19 Sep

Boeing Forecasts Middle East Fleet to More Than Double by 2041 to Serve Passenger and Cargo Demand 19 Sep

Lack of public appreciation contributes to loneliness in farming, study shows 21 Sep

First single-crystal organometallic perovskite optical fibers 23 Sep

ASPG, Inc. Announces Release of ReACT MFA, Advanced New Multi-Factor Authentication Tool 19 Sep

Ties that bind: Joint children may strengthen stepfamily ties to older parents 19 Sep

NHARNG Black Hawk, crew, visits Berlin airport for open house 19 Sep

Zappix Recognized as a Top Healthcare Digital Transformation Solutions Provider 2022 by Healthcare Business Review 21 Sep

Cheetahs are back in India but conservationists have doubts over plan | New Scientist 20 Sep

Climate Change May Cause an Insurance Meltdown Before It Melts Everything Else 23 Sep

Strength and Support in Seeking Help 18 Sep

Korean War veteran honored at emotional recognition ceremony 18 Sep

Visualizing migration stories 20 Sep

Researchers demonstrate chemically sensitive LiDAR method 22 Sep

Team Novo Nordisk Announces Partnership with health-tech startup Airofit 22 Sep

Grovetown, Georgia Native Serves Aboard USS Higgins (DDG 76) While Conducting Operations in the South China Sea 22 Sep

Joint warfighters train in LVC environment prioritizing agility and sustained C2 capes 22 Sep

Drug resistance is a powerful menace in certain breast and ovarian cancers. Now scientists are figuring out why 19 Sep

Report: Password fatigue compromises employee productivity, security and well-being 19 Sep

NASA to test Artemis SLS rocket fuel leak repairs this week 19 Sep

Crime and the scientific method | Penn Today 18 Sep

Phishing Dominates the Headlines, But the Real Story in Cybersecurity is Passwords and How to Better Train and Educate People 20 Sep

Ten must-see talks at this year's New Scientist Live | New Scientist 19 Sep

Minority Business Circle, an online business marketplace for minority small business owners, has launched subscription services 21 Sep

AFA Conference Wire: Space Force Victory Lap 21 Sep

Search for clues may explain collapse of ancient city in Mexico 21 Sep

USAF Selects Northrop Advanced Battle Management System Digital Infrastructure Consortium | DefenceTalk 22 Sep

Why you need a data champion to score AI wins 22 Sep

Community Gathers to Express Care and Compassion 24 Sep

James Webb Telescope Captures Clearest View of Neptune's Rings In Decades - Slashdot 21 Sep

Steam revamps its Stats page with real-time & weekly top-sellers charts 23 Sep is partnering with LeadSift to make intent data accessible for all 22 Sep

AlphaFold developers win US$3-million Breakthrough Prize 22 Sep

KUBRA Adds PayPal to Digital Payment Options, Expanding Customer Choice 22 Sep

Humans have left more than 15,000 pounds of trash on Mars 22 Sep

Apple expected to expand the Dynamic Island to all iPhone models in 2023 19 Sep

Net-Zero Is in the Hot Seat 19 Sep

Five ways deep learning has transformed image analysis 20 Sep

New Jewish studies major approved in College of Arts & Sciences | Cornell Chronicle 19 Sep

The controversial embryo tests that promise a better baby 21 Sep

Atomic-scale imaging reveals a facile route to crystal formation 23 Sep

AI-powered fundraising company, Wisely, have joined Frontier Marketing to bring further depth and nuance to donor management 19 Sep

Jupiter makes closest visit to Earth in 70 years next week 18 Sep

Four feared dead after typhoon hits Japan 20 Sep

Capturing ocean turbulence at the underbelly of sea ice 20 Sep

Nvidia advances medical AI and digital twin capabilities 20 Sep

The metaverse: Land of opportunity for retailers 18 Sep

Satellite Integration, Verification & Validation to ensure successful civil and military missions - International Defense Security & Technology 19 Sep

USCGC Oliver Henry (WPC 1140) concludes Operation Blue Pacific expeditionary patrol 18 Sep

BAMC re-designated as Texas Ten Step facility for maternity care excellence 18 Sep

Surface defect engineering of nanowire arrays towards efficient nitrogen reduction for ammonia synthesis 19 Sep

Amino acid supplement is a key to reproductive health in dairy cows 19 Sep

The building blocks for exploring new exotic states of matter 19 Sep

Umbilical cord 'milking' cuts brain injury risk for babies born limp | New Scientist 18 Sep

Troops Worry Most About Inflation, Not China or Russia, Air Force Secretary Says 20 Sep

NASA gears up for Artemis I tanking test for shot to launch next week 20 Sep

Deformation fingerprints will help researchers identify, design better metallic materials 20 Sep

Design evolution through the martial art of Capoeira 20 Sep

Drug Detection: ONR SCOUT Tests Tech for Monitoring Illicit Maritime Cargo 18 Sep

First public database of fossil fuel production revealed 18 Sep

'Night owls' could have greater risk of type 2 diabetes and heart disease than those who are 'early birds' 20 Sep

Boeing and Wisk Unveil Concept of Operations for Urban Air Mobility 20 Sep

Why Self-propagating Robots Are the Future of Space 20 Sep

InsurePay Brings Virtual Premium Payment Options to the US Market 20 Sep

Researchers discover dozens of genetic defects important for immune defense and relevant for patients with rare diseases 20 Sep

Study identifies potential combination therapy for testing in deadly brain cancer 20 Sep

The case for lotteries as a tiebreaker of quality in research funding 20 Sep

Nvidia-Deloitte partnership aims to accelerate AI adoption 20 Sep

Nvidia advances digital twins for retail, rail and telco 20 Sep

Nvidia enables broader usage of AI with LLM cloud services 20 Sep

Nvidia and PassiveLogic team up to drive integration for autonomous buildings 19 Sep

52nd CPTS Airmen funs innovation 19 Sep

An integrated framework for atmospheric and climate modeling | Cornell Chronicle 19 Sep

U.S. Army medical officer passes demanding American Board of Medical Microbiology exam 19 Sep

Warrior Medics conduct Validation Exercise 19 Sep

Discovery illuminates how Parkinson's disease spreads in the brain 21 Sep

Proving that quantum entanglement is real: Researcher answers questions about his historical experiments 21 Sep

Nvidia makes modding ray tracing into classic games easier with RTX Remix, starting with Portal 20 Sep

How fear memories get stuck in some brains 21 Sep

NASA fuels moon rocket in leak test ahead of next launch try 21 Sep

Enceladus shown to have all six of the essential elements for life | New Scientist 20 Sep

More possible entry points for COVID spike protein identified by Princeton scientists 21 Sep

VR in the OR: Virtual reality found to reduce need for sedation during hand surgery 21 Sep

The Space Force Has a Song 21 Sep

Positioning for Growth, Engineered Energy Solutions Promotes Peter Moskal to Vice President 21 Sep

Rhombic lip implicated in origins of high-risk medulloblastoma 21 Sep

Improved air quality found to have accelerated global warming in recent decades 21 Sep

School uniforms are abundant in toxic 'forever' chemicals, study finds 20 Sep

New discovery suggests a novel strategy against harmful inflammation 22 Sep

Developers from all over the games industry debunk unfair criticisms of early GTA 6 visuals 22 Sep

Assessing the potential activity of salen against proteins of SARS-CoV-2 22 Sep

Mediterranean Sea hit by marine heatwave 22 Sep

New study finds that SARS-CoV-2 infects fat tissue and creates inflammatory storm cloud 22 Sep

X-rays reveal how bees achieve an engineering marvel: the honeycomb 22 Sep

USAF Puts HARMs on MiG-29s, Cruise Missiles on C-130s, Cargo in B-52s 22 Sep

Hemp byproducts are good alternative feed for lambs, study finds 22 Sep

Convictions reversed for US chemical engineer accused of hiding China ties 22 Sep

Six Must-Have Skills to Succeed at Customer Acquisition 22 Sep

Mandel Delivers True Agility with New Hybrid Training Designs and Delivery Capabilities 22 Sep

3,000 years ago, human activity destroyed vegetation and irreparably damaged the Timna Valley environment 22 Sep

Distantly related viruses share self-assembly mechanism 22 Sep

Quick test kit to determine a person's immunity against COVID-19 and its variants 22 Sep

The Apple security landscape: Moving into the world of enterprise risk 21 Sep

Soft robots that grip with the right amount of force 21 Sep

Denon Releases Multiple 8K AV Receivers With 3D Video and Audio Formats 21 Sep

Sustainability in AV Organization Launches First SAVe Certification Program 21 Sep

Scientists who discovered cause of narcolepsy win Breakthrough Prize | New Scientist 21 Sep

UNITAS Concludes After Successful Exercise 21 Sep

Phase Technology Debuts Premier Lux Speakers 21 Sep

Too many electric cars charging at night may overload electrical grid | New Scientist 21 Sep

Luke AFB retires Block 25 F-16 aircraft 21 Sep

US Military: Bad Publicity Is Hurting Recruiting. Lawmakers: Fix Your Problems 22 Sep

Scientists chip away at the mystery of how radiation weakens metal, one atom at a time 22 Sep

AI-based screening method could boost speed of new drug discovery 22 Sep

2022 Arctic summer sea ice tied for 10th-lowest on record 23 Sep

Acquired immunity to random food allergens may protect some lucky people against COVID-19 23 Sep

Balanced fertilization: A fulcrum for sustainable production of maize and rice in Africa 23 Sep

Discovering sirtuin longevity proteins in early branches of animal life 23 Sep

Former commander, three new AMC Hall of Famers honored 21 Sep

Ancient shipwreck found 1,200 years after sinking in the Holy Land 22 Sep

LOTR: The Rings of Power Cast Answer 50 of the Most Googled LOTR Questions | WIRED 23 Sep

Why Al Gore Is Calling the Head of the World Bank a Climate Denier 23 Sep

Air Force Awards $985M Hypersonic Cruise Missile Contract to Raytheon Technologies 23 Sep

When monkeys use the forest as a pharmacy 23 Sep

Secondary ion mass spectrometry reveals atoms that make up MXenes and their precursor materials 23 Sep

128th Aviation Brigade: Where Avionics Mechanics are made 22 Sep

162nd Wing hosts mental health first aid training course for Tucson Air Guardsmen 22 Sep

Ancient documents give unique glimpse into Malta's magic history 23 Sep

New report illustrates potential of precision genome editing in treating inherited retinal diseases 23 Sep

All-Electric Automaker Fisker has Standardized on GT-SUITE Simulations for Thermal Systems Engineering 19 Sep

Testimony to Congress outlines employer anti-union efforts | Cornell Chronicle 18 Sep

Feeding farm by-products to livestock could boost our food supply | New Scientist 18 Sep

On the Cross Country Recovery Road Less Traveled 18 Sep

Advisory Board Announced for Geo Week 2023 in Denver, CO 19 Sep

Ohio grows into a globally recognized R&D hub - Research & Development World 20 Sep

Study investigates longer life due to faulty RNA processing 20 Sep

Apple to raise App Store prices in some countries in Europe, Asia 19 Sep

Xbox Series X update allows more discs to be played fully offline 20 Sep

The Exceptional Women Awardees (EWA) congratulates Amy Hanlon-Rodemich on next chapter 21 Sep

Woodpeckers drumming use same brain region as songbirds singing 20 Sep

Daily 'Breath Training' Can Work As Well As Medicine To Reduce High Blood Pressure - Slashdot 20 Sep

Identity Theft Resource Center 2022 Consumer Impact Report Reveals Effects of Social Media Account Takeover 21 Sep

New binary pulsar detected with CHIME 21 Sep

'Rewilding' cities could protect humanity against climate change 21 Sep

Apple AirPods Pro (2nd Gen) 22 Sep

Night-time blood pressure assessment is found to be important in 23 Sep

Graphic artist designs large-scale photo collages to showcase Camp Zama history 22 Sep

2 more whales die in Australia as stranding deaths reach 200 23 Sep

The Army Brief: Missed recruiting goals; Weapons request; Maintenance chatrooms; and more... 23 Sep

Diversity in Health Care Focus of Hispanic Heritage Month Observance 22 Sep

Octopuses have a 'favourite arm' they use to grab prey 22 Sep

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